Knowing Jignesh Shah, India’s leading technocrat

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All those who ever came across “stock exchange specifications” must be aware of Jignesh Shah, a global technocrat. Today each growth owned by the Indian financial sector belongs to Financial Technology India Ltd (FTIL) that has been the epicenter of all developments. Shah has made his eminent impact on the technical domain of capital markets with his vision of shaping the country’s economy.

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Mr. Jignesh Shah

Shah started his career asan electrical engineer, yet his deep passion for financial markets brought him a job in the Bombay Stock Exchange as an Assistant Manager. Shah always wanted to convert his dreams into reality; so he left his job to launch FTIL in 1988.
With his experience and knowledge, Shah transformed a small company (with a capital base of mere Rs 5 lakhs) into a huge organization that provided capital market software to all the members involved. Within a decade of FTIL operations, Shah set in motion the Multi Commodity Exchange that positioned him as a business magnate in the Indian financial ecosystem.
MCX’s progress can be reviewed with transaction over $2 billion a day or through its contribution to 1% of the nation’s GDP. Shah’s ambitions took him cross-waters as in the following years he established a series of stock exchanges in Singapore, Bahrain, UAE, Botswana and Mauritius.
Meanwhile, Shah pocketed various accolades, viz.,“E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year” for business transformation, “US-IndiaBusinessman of the Year”, “Young Global Leader” by WEF, “Global Social Entrepreneur” by Rotary International and was recognized by CLSA as one of the “Top 20 Indians” responsible for changing the face of world business.
Amidst all the commercialism, Shah made sure to execute his CSR initiatives, for which FTIL organized a Gramin Suvidha Kendra programme that generated a million jobs in commodities economy.

Last modified: August 23, 2016

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