MD of Ryan International Group honoured by HT for her ‘exceptional contribution’ in education

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Madam Grace Pinto, MD of Ryan International School has been accoladed by Hindustan Times for her achievements in the field of education. The daily newspaper, named her amongst the ‘Visionaries of Education’ in India. She has been the focal point of the group ever since the inception of Ryan, providing quality, affordable and value-based education through the institute. Her assiduous work in education sector has been well recognised by HT through this honour.

The group, founded by Dr A. F. Pinto, Chairman and Mrs Grace Pinto, MD in 1976 has seen a tremendous growth in terms of the number of schools as well as the institute’s repute. Currently, the group is successfully running over 135 schools, teaching over 270,000 students. The group is guided by the philosophy of “Excellence in Education and All-Around Development”, which seems to be corroborated by its success in education and pedagogical excellence. Ryan group, thus is now associated and known for quality education and churning out students excelling in sports and extra-curricular activities.

Madam Grace Pinto attributed this accolade to Jesus Christ. “We gratefully acknowledge Jesus Christ for his grace and hand over protection and guidance over us in providing value-based education. We would also like to thank our Chairman Sir, Dr AF Pinto, for his vision and the opportunity to serve the nation through the field of education” said Madam Pinto. She also stated that “We will continue to reach out to the children of this nation with education that is meaningful and enjoyable in the 21st century’s competitive, technology-driven, and globalized world”.

Madam Grace began her entrepreneurial journey in 1976 when she married Dr A.F. Pinto, the founder of Ryan International Group. She executed the dream of her husband of providing better educational opportunities. In a long journey of Ryan, Madam Pinto has been the backbone of the group and has played a crucial role in achieving the height at which the Ryan Group at present stands.

Last modified: July 2, 2019

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