Hybrid Car Design by Indian students: Naushad Shaikh

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Hybrid Car

View of Naushad Shaikh, Creative Academy  On “ Hybrid Car Design by Indian students

Hybrid Car

Hybrid Car

During an eminent Formula Hybrid car competition in New Hampshire, students of R V College of Engineering, Bangalore held second position in the design and project management categories for their prototype model. These young scholars managed to secure fourth place in overall competition whilst almost 28 teams participated from across the globe. The competition, that forms the part of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Series and is considered as the toughest of all series; required to design, build and compete an open-wheel, single-seat Formula-style race car in New Hampshire.

It is yet another benchmark of excellence established by the students of R V College of Engineering.  Last year, they competed with first hybrid vehicle and made to 7th spot out of 17 teams. This team of approx 20 undergraduates, who are members of ‘Ashwa Racing’ a research and development project in the engineering college that designs and builds formula-style race cars, have also left a milepost at Australia, Germany, Italy and United States.

The achievement of developments by Ashwa Racing can be observed from the Formula Hybrid event that is under use by Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth since 2006. The dedicated learners maneuvers for improvisation at each step as a member of participating team explains that his team had designed the components and got them manufactured but didn’t have time to test each component last year, that is why various reports were presented along with detailed documentation this time, which outperformed other participants during contest.

Naushad Shaikh, Creative Academy Pune Director appreciates the deed of Bangalore students for their unusual work and adding a jewel to the country’s crown. For him, it is just the beginning of talent recognition throughout the world and hopes that such skill sets would prove their worth not only in foreign lands but in this country as well.

Last modified: June 1, 2016

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Hybrid Car Design by Indian students: Naushad Shaikh

  1. Vikas Veerani says:

    When would it be available for the public. Such Technologies are really very necessary to make our environment clean.

  2. ashokgoswami says:

    Very soon this green hybrid technology will be adopted.

    1. Anubhav says:

      Great innovation!

  3. murugan says:

    I feel proud when I read the information like this about India. A lot of congratulations and wishes to these students for their bright future.

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