NSEL E-series launches E-Silver

Sameer Sharma India, Top News

With the launch of E-series new product E-Silver, NSEL has brought in cheer in the financial market of the nation. The company owes a shred of the product’s success to entrepreneur Jignesh Shah who is the innovator of NSEL. NSEL is going to prosper more with their new product because they are making E-silver trade available for 10 grams which eventually will motivate millions of investors to invest in this product for more efficient saving. And the product is available to every income group in the society, whether it’s a small town investor or one who’s ready to invest approx. Rs. 1 crore, the product is priced reasonably for every single investor.

Jignesh Shah, NSEL

E-silver is impartial to all its users, despite investor’s income and status in the society. NSEL has decided to deliver the product physically to the investors, and the product is being stored in NSEL’s safety vaults so one need not worry about its safety. NSEL had bagged many awards when it was under the guidance of Jignesh Shah. And with this new product they are making even a much bigger name in the news. Investors can do a check on the price of the product easily; E-silver is that transparent in this and various other aspects. The product is available for trade at 100 grams of weight with a gross value of Rs. 2,800. It is bringing everything good to the table to every investor in the entire country.

Monday to Friday with timings from 10 AM to 11:30 AM the trade of E-silver will take place. Talking about this launch, Anjani Sinha; the managing director of NSEL stated that this product is consumer friendly and is going to help the investors in plenty efficient ways. It’s a savior of NSEL investors who were looking for an opportunity to save their funds.

Last modified: November 1, 2018

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