RIT says, serve humanity by serving kids

Rajpal Garg NGO, Top News

There can be no two ways about the fact that children are the future of India. You take care of the present and the future gets already taken care of. But the bigger question that Relief India Trust is forced to ask is that are we doing enough to take care of the future of the nation? I was reading the Times of India newspaper this morning where one picture caught my attention. It reflected human helplessness and insensitivity to the core. In that picture was an infant whose mother had tied her to a heavy concrete stone. Perhaps this was done by the mother to ensure the kid didn’t go astray while she was busy working at the pavement construction site across the road. The poor woman was forced to restraint her kid like this in order to keep her safe from not entering the road, but how safe was that little girl anyway? This restraint had made her all the more vulnerable to the street dogs and other such animals, ignoring the fact that she was forced to breathe in the environment harboring dust particles and emissions from the incessantly passing traffic
This brought down a revelation to me which was appalling. The government had money to construct pavements but no one gave a thought towards building a crèche for kids where such infants could be kept safe and healthy. This is how the future of the nation is treated! The future in such cases doesn’t seem too bright, to say the least. Relief India Trust urges people to serve humanity by serving kids. Give them a better environment, nourishment, education; give them hope. Every initiative taken in this direction will bear positive results.

Last modified: September 9, 2015

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