RSBL Introduced eCoins Trading System

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RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL) is a widely known and trusted name in the Indian bullion industry. The company specializes in bars and coins of various precious metals like Gold, silver and platinum. With the vision of providing the customers the ability to make better investment decision and felicitating investment in precious metals, RSBL strives to serve the best to the customers in every facets of business. Since its inception in 1994, RSBL has established benchmarks of excellence in customer service and is emerging as one of the leading Indian entities dealing in bullions. Modern state-of-the-art trading mechanisms, high standard quality of products and maximum customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of the company.

The company has achieved great success with their flagship product ‘RSBL SPOT’; the first fully electronic bullion trading system in India based on over the counter delivery. RSBL has launched eCoins based trading system for the first time in Andhra Pradesh. There has always been high demand of gold in India’s southeastern region. According to Mr. Prithviraj Kothari, Managing Director of RSBL Andhra Pradesh has a huge potential for eCoins trading system to flourish. A survey was conducted by Karvy Private Wealth which found out that 40% of the country’s overall demand for gold is from the four southern states.

A change in the current trading system was much needed in Andhra Pradesh as there have been several instances and common concerns like delays in deliveries during peak seasons, discounts offered to lure customers on the smaller denomination gold bar’s price etc. The eCoins trading system introduced by RSBL will ensure transparency in the trade and price confirmations for the customers as well as the retailers. ‘RSBL eCoins’ is a B2B based model providing spot deliveries and has set the buying/selling limit as low as 1gm. It does not include any charges for opening account, usage of terminal and trading commission.



Last modified: November 19, 2015

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