RSBL Prithviraj Kothari – Bullion India launch

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RSBL(RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited) announced the debut of an ideal avenue of investing in gold and silver, Bullion India is a unique platform that allows investors to own small quantities of physical gold and silver at wholesale prices. This portal is affordable and is an accessible user friendly platform for the retail investors.

The convenience of buying as low as 0.1 gm of Gold and 1 gm of Silver at live wholesale prices is provided by Bullion India. Along with this, it also avails facilities like no storage fee, free insurance, no account opening charges and no brokerage. These fully insured bars are home delivered at a nominal cost. Your gold/silver can now be bought, sold, saved and redeemed on a daily basis; whilst keeping a track on the live wholesale prices displayed on the web trader, thus accessing your account information/ trading history as and when required.

The online transactions are carried out in a secured and encrypted environment ensuring that the entire process is safe and hassle-free. Clients are required to submit their KYC details and payments are made through secured payment gateway using net banking and debit cards.

The bullion king “Prithviraj Kothari” said “Entire India wants to buy physical gold and silver and put them to use when the time is right. Bullion India is the only medium that enables a retail client to purchase gold and silver as if they were buying shares and still use them physically whenever they need them. We have been working on introducing a mass retail product since years and this product is an extension of RSBL Spot’s success. We will promote Bullion India through our network of thousands of jewelers on RSBL Spot network.”

“With such price advantage a retail investor can always take the opportunity to add Gold and Silver to their financial portfolio. Increasing inflation to the directly proportional investment demands for these precious metals would contribute to consistent returns during the next 4-5 years.” , said Mr. is the best opportunity which is fast paced and convenient.

Last modified: November 18, 2015

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RSBL Prithviraj Kothari – Bullion India launch

  1. Avatar arav nayak says:

    I am
    very happy to putting my words for Prithviraj Kothari-RSBL he is just a
    amazing and admirable personality
    always fulfills the expectations by their commitment this is the best
    thing that I would like to appraise in him.

  2. Avatar vinod nagar says:

    Very useful information are written this
    article by reading this article and contacted with the regarding company I have invest on the Buillion India. This
    scheme is very precious it can aid in our future circumstances to help them

  3. Avatar Pranav says:

    alluring offer launched by RSBL which allows investors to own small
    quantities of physical gold and silver at wholesale prices..i am definitely
    going to invest on it.

  4. Avatar Himanshu Mehta says:

    online on gold/silver is a hassle free scheme as we had never heard such a
    significant scheme by any of bullion trader in india but Prithviraj Kothari
    doing a great work by seeming the needs of a common man in india. This scheme
    may protect your family as well as children’s future.

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