Searchline Database introduces Audio Library Project for book-lovers

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Leading data entry jobs provider Searchline Database Pvt Ltd recently launched its Audio Library Project. Aimed at providing book-lovers a different experience, this project is expected to be completed by the end of year 2020. To those who have never experienced listening to audio books, the concept may seem a bit bizarre. However, Searchline Database believes that audio books have several advantages over regular books.

  1. You can read faster

Several people find reading difficult because of slow speed, and end up feeling like finishing a single page is going to take ages. However, books in aural form offer the same experience at a faster pace, hastening the reading process.

  1. Better pastime for travelers

While travelers love to visit new places, the travel itself can be monotonous and at times, boring. However, listening to these books can break the monotony by providing you a virtual companion.

  1. Highly entertaining

Most of the audio book readers follow the practice of acting out the book a bit, especially the dialogs, while reading it out. This makes the book seem more alive than it was on the pages. As a result, the overall experience is more satisfying to the book lover than actually reading the book.

  1. Help you engage with a book better

Several people often complain of losing track of the story when they have to pause their reading. Audio books, on the other hand, help people reconnect to the story easily and quickly. According to the experts at Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, this happens because these books use voices instead of written words to narrate the novel. Human mind registers sounds faster than it deciphers written language.

  1. Soothing experience

As children, we all loved being read to. Listening to bedtime stories from our grandparents is a memory we cherish. Books in the audio form deliver the same relaxing experience to you. One can easily drift away into the land of fiction, floating on the tones of a soothing voice, while listening to his or her favorite book.

  1. Sharing is caring

You find a story or a book really nice and want to share it with your friend, but your friend finds it boring to sit and read for long hours. You can consider narrating the story to your friend, but your interpretation of the story might be incorrect too. With listening books, one can easily share the experience of a good story with anyone at the same time.

Because of all these benefits of audio books over regular books, Searchine Database decided to launch an Audio Library. The company is also offering jobs to people who are interested in assuming the role of an audio book reader.

Last modified: July 5, 2018

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Searchline Database introduces Audio Library Project for book-lovers

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    there is no need to show that it isn’t fraud.

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