Be Sports explains why a career in sports management is the best choice for non-athletic sports enthusiasts

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A career in sports promises a glitzy future to athletes. But what about the ‘not so fit’ sports enthusiasts?

Does a picture of Lionel Messi pops up in your head whenever you hear the word ‘messy’? If yes, congratulations! You are a die-hard fan of sports.

When it comes to choosing career options, we often prefer to take up a career in resonance with our interests. Although it is impossible for a sports enthusiast to not consider a career in his/her favorite sport, not everyone can pursue the life of an athlete owing to the high level of fitness needed.

But does that mean one cannot pursue a career in sports at all? Industry experts at Be Sports, a leading sports events management company in Delhi, recommend a career in sports management to all those who live and breathe sports but are unable to achieve the fitness standards required for an athlete.

The prime benefit that comes with a degree in sports management is that the course lays a basic foundation of sports business in front of the students. A person who pursues a major in sports management embarks on a journey that starts with being a fan and leads towards the realization that sports business is not limited to playing for your team on the field.

Although a road less traveled in India, sports management comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. A degree in sports management doesn’t guarantee a job as the General Manager for your favorite IPL or ISL team. “The secret to succeeding (in sports management) lies not just with the understanding of analytics,” pointed out an expert from Be Sports.

“The actual role of a successful sports manager is identifying real talent and knowing how to develop it. These skills cannot be taught by any teacher; one has to develop them on their own. Always have an eye for the budding talent, for you never know who might emerge as the next PV Sindhu or Sania Mirza,” he explained further.

Be Sports, a leading name in sports management, explores career options in sports for non-athletes.

According to industry experts at Be Sports, the world of sports management holds great scope of progress in a country like India, where the number of sportspersons is growing. So, if you have a love for sports, pursue your dream to be a part of the sports industry. A degree in sports management can open up new horizons for you!

Last modified: January 5, 2018

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