Srichand Hinduja believes investment in emerging markets can resolve the global economic crisis

The ongoing economic crisis has created big ripples across the world. It points towards a potential economic meltdown that can wreak havoc and lead to a state of deep recession. Srichand Hinduja, the head of the Hinduja Group believes that the crisis is caused because the government is pouring billions of dollars into the system. It is rapidly developing into a catastrophic situation and needs a quick solution.
The Hinduja Group is one of the largest and most diversified companies, globally acknowledged and accredited for its impeccable services. It has attained commendable success under the aegis of Srichand Hinduja, who believes that business is all about spotting opportunities and seizing them.

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Srichand Hinduja

Firm believers in traditional family values, the Hindujas have striven all along to establish their business enterprise as one of the leading multinational conglomerates. Beneath such an intercontinental business empire lies their close-knit family that has sailed through various highs and lows.
Focusing on the global economic meltdown, Srichand Hinduja has come up with a solution, which is certainly worth an analysis. He stated, “A sensible solution is to invest in emerging and developing markets and use money in the social infrastructure of their citizens.”
He explained: “Instead of highways, why not spend money on high streets, and also on modest 1mega watt energy projects, in water resources, health and education? Pouring billions into the system, which is the recipe now being followed, is the road to disaster. It is money down the drain.”
The Hinduja Head is right. Spending billions of dollars into the system will only worsen the present condition. Investing in emerging and developing markets certainly secures hope for a better future. It’s time to relook into global spending.

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The saga of the Hinduja Group started in Sind, the cradle of the Indus Valley Civilisation, where more than 5,000 years ago, the human race learnt its first lessons in organised business and banking.