5 Decor Tips By Mid-Century Design Masters

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Today, the neoteric designers are adapting to midcentury modern decor to revive the classic furnishings with an innovative twist. As per Modi Builders Feedback, decor trended in the 1950s and 1960s was orderly, sophisticated, and all-encompassing. Here are some tips by the mid-century masters who currently rule the interior design world!

Modi Builders Feedback

Simplicity that overwhelms
As a matter of fact; the midcentury modern age was the time when the social order first started adapting the idea of minimalism. During that age, a clean decor was considered to be a style statement stated by aesthetics and visual simplicity.

Doing it right with sculptural decor
With the stunning decor items, modern midcentury style is all about putting together some timeless pieces to different places in your home including living room, bedroom and dining space. By this you can consort in a tinge of midcentury modern decor without carrying out a tedious renovation that entirely changes the look and feel of the interior.

Use geometric patterns and bold wallpaper
Bold geometric patterns and tricky designs are a fundamental part of the midcentury modern style, and you can strategically incorporate them in drapes, rugs and bold wallpaper. However, keep in mind that these bold geometric patterns must go well the simple look of the room and should add a wow-factor to the space.

Lighting for defining space
Where the sculptural lighting are concerned, the midcentury modern era introduced the most exemplary fixtures that have endured the test of time. From the amazingly famous Arco floor lamp to the fine-looking Isamu Noguchi light sculptures, all the decor enthusiasts have some incredible options to choose from.

Furniture Design Options
Mid-century contemporary furniture can be easily identified by their straight, clean lines toned with smooth, rounded angles. They seldom feature any fancy enhancement or upholstery.

If you liked the tips included in this post, leave a Modi Builders Feedback in the comment section below! Remember that mid-century modern is mainly a minimalist movement, so strive to give plenty space between your furniture pieces.

Last modified: April 6, 2017

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5 Decor Tips By Mid-Century Design Masters

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    Modi builders feedback was very helpful and mid-century masters who currently rule the interior design world. Nice tips.

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