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Everyone thinks the course of publishing a book only includes three steps. First, the book’s rough manuscript is drafted. Then after heavy editing, the printing manuscript is produced and finally the product is printed. Well, the reality is far more complex. As Vikas Gupta puts it, there are eight different and diverse steps in the process that a publishing house employs to publish a book. Let’s check them out!

Book acquisition
The first step involves rounding up the book proposals from publishers, literary agents, and voluntary pitches. A list of manuscripts is made to figure out which proposal the publishing house might be interested in.

Spreading the word
After the selection of a book, a variety of information is recorded for future reference. The number of pages, title, ISBN code, price, review of previous books, a brief ad, and a biographical note of the author is documented. It will be used to spawn more content for the promotion and record-keeping of the book.

Systematic editing
The manuscript is properly edited structure-wise. The flow of the book, rendition, and style is formatted. If it’s a non-fiction book, proper references have to be added.

This stage singles out the typing errors, grammatical mistakes, and punctuation. It is usually done directly on the manuscript but some publishing houses prefer to spot the errors on a big screen so everyone can work on it simultaneously.

Designers create an attractive and beautiful cover for the book. This is important because the cover plays an important part in influencing one’s decision to buy a book. Typesetting is done to set the font and style of the book text. According to Vikas Gupta, this makes sure the reader isn’t bored and adds an aesthetic factor to it.

The press
There has to be a margin in the book’s overall budget and printing budget so the book can be a profitable deal. A planned buffer of books is also needed so that reinforcements can be supplied when the shops are out of stock.

Sales and marketing
A team of account managers and sales representatives work actively to connect with bookshops and close sales deals for the book. Everyone has a sales target to achieve then only can the book progress towards a successful market opening. The marketing team works parallel to the sales team to promote the book with events, offers, and promotions. Advertising is also important to boost the sales.

Vikas Gupta says, “Most publishing houses have a dedicated legal department that handles the rights, royalties, and other artistic requests.” This ensures the work isn’t being used by a third-party that can hurt the revenue or the copyright of the book.

 Are we missing a phase? Do let us know! 

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Last modified: March 17, 2017

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All you need to know about publishing process by Vikas Gupta

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