Alliance University Chancellor: Budget 2018-19 might facilitate education infrastructure

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Alliance University Chancellor

No country can flourish without ensuring the development of requisite skills, which play an important role in its advancement, believes Alliance University Chancellor Sudhir G Angur. Talking about the upcoming Budget for 2018, Besides, the budget of any country is its imperative image reflecting achievements of the past years.

Clearly, the budget of 2018 is of importance, especially, at a time where our country is considered among the fast growing economies. To reap the required skills, there is a need to gear up and move our focus on learning outcomes and teachers training facilities.

Furthermore, to rightly leverage the educational status, we need to make an analysis of strength, weakness, opportunity and strength, where the budget needs to include significant changes and promote investments in building, education and skill, (with English as a life skill), boosting its education infra.

The Alliance University Chancellor points that to create an effective knowledge economy, the country must devise a code of conduct that focuses on education transformation, lending it a successful advantage over other completive countries. Prof Sudhir is of the view that in this financial plan, as the expectations of the people rise, educationists like him hope that the government will give prominence to increasing the quality of education. He expects that the new budget will promote the schemes, such as e-learning or digitization of education, which can encourage the youth of the country to shift to these new platforms for a better understanding.

The government schemes for school education and literacy, such as the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Mid-Day Meal, Strengthening of Teachers and Training Institute, Incentives to Girls at Secondary stage, Adolescence Education Programme and Saakshar Bharat have been promoting education.

Hopefully, the upcoming budget will endorse each scheme in the right way and provide equal opportunity to the disadvantaged section of the society, thereby, making India a nation of equal opportunities.

Last modified: April 17, 2018

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