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His designation compliments his adventures. Alok Bhartia, the chairman of a travel company called Voyage (it’s the French word) talks about the changing trends of the wayfaring world. As the owner of this escapade escalating organization, he comes across a lot of holiday destinations that do not receive the special attention requited from wanderlusts. You’ll see a lot of couples-to-be organizing their weddings and receptions at these places due to a number of factors.

These days, a lot of travelers are opting for humble locales and family-oriented places. Travel destinations featuring a posh nightlife are experiencing a trough in their tourist-graph. According to Alok Bhartia, travelers are making trips to historical places like Machu Pichu and Angkor Wat more than Havana and Rio de Janeiro. Most of the beachy places are experiencing this shift. Tourists are basically taking the road less traveled. Money is also a big factor since a lot of young travelers cannot afford swanky destinations.

There has been a huge increase in the number of Indian tourists holidaying abroad. This contributes to the lessening of airfares as the flux of travelers is increasing. Alok Bhartia adds, “A time might come when the international airfare rates will fall closer to the domestic airfare rates. I hope I live to see that kind of anomaly. However, we need to keep an eye on the airline companies as well. We don’t want them serving ketchup on a chapatti when we order a pizza. There should not be a quality compromise.”

A new fad benefiting the bloggers has also surfaced. Travel companies are roping in wayfarers and bloggers as online agents. These travelers (often bloggers) are paid handsomely to promote a travel company’s featured destination. Alok Bhartia is ready to jump on this bandwagon since it’ll bring him a lot of business. In other news, he thinks Alok Bhartiya: Chairman Voyage has a nice ring to it. Alok will use it when he introduces himself to people.


Last modified: May 30, 2017

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