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Alroz aviationAirplanes were invented around the 17th Century. Alroz Aviation, an aviation training institute in Delhi, takes a walk down history, and recount that the biggest challenge in that period was to build reliable engines that could produce the required power to propel an airframe. The problem of flight control also needed to be addressed before taking further steps. But, as soon as the Wright Brothers overcame the technical problems of flight control, aviation took off, quite literally.

Within no time, a number of countries started to build airplanes not only for the public, but also for the military purpose. Many countries came up with innovative techniques and the utility of airplanes started to increase with each and every day. With the development and the popularity of aviation, people started to travel through airplanes to explore a new mode of travel. It was convenient for the passengers, as it saved a lot of time.

With the expansion of aviation, the need for pilots, flight attendants, airport ground staff, etc., started to increase. Heinrich Kubis became the first flight attendant of the world in 1912. Since then, a large number of people have worked in aviation. Today, the industry is expanding at a faster pace, and the need for human resource is surging faster than ever. This is where the role of aviation training providers like Alroz Aviation has become important to provide well-trained individuals to the different airlines, according to their requirement.

In 2016, 3.7 billion people travelled by air, backed by 63 million people in aviation related jobs. Around 99 million people are expected to join this industry by 2034. With increasing number of people travelling by air, the demand for human resource is also growing in the aviation industry.

It is not possible to directly draft the candidates in to this industry. It is important to provide a proper training to them because of the dynamic nature of this industry. In India, Alroz Aviation has taken big strides to become the best aviation training institute. It is known for providing live training inside the aircraft and ensuring 100 per cent placement of the candidates. It provides training to the candidates interested in all the aviation related jobs, such ascabin crew, air hostess, ground staff, etc.

The aviation industry has witnessed a massive change in last few decades. With advanced technology, new patterns and designs have been tried to give a new look to the planes. Today, the modern aircraft come with luxurious and comfortable features. But, the significance of “Human Touch” cannot be replaced with any other object. With expansion of every industry, there will always be an increased demand of human resource, and companies like Alroz Aviation will always need to play their part for the success of every endeavor.

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Last modified: February 5, 2018

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