Arun Dev Builders Unflustered by the RERA Act

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The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (popularly known as the RERA Act) is slightly changing the way Arun Dev Builders is working. This change is quite good as now there are a set of rules that govern the real estate sectors. The absence of regulations had made it difficult for whitehat real estate developers like Arun Dev Builders to practice their profession ethically. For years, irregular operations within the sector had also pushed small realty companies by the dozen to start projects that have a shaky foundation (pun intended). These companies often dupe customers by making faux promises and not delivering the agreed product. RERA Act is slowly making amends to these problems one step at a time.

Perhaps the best improvement made by the RERA Act is the penalty imposed on late deliveries. A real estate developer that delays the transfer of a home to a customer will have to pay an interest of 10.9%. An apartments cost will now be calculated based on the measurement of the carpet area, instead of the built-up area. Home buyers are often cheated with the end product. Now, changing building plans mid-way will incur a heavy penalty.

According to experts from Arun Dev Builders, real estate developers will have to furnish their details on the RERA website for full transparency. It will also aid in organizing the realty sector. Builders will have to provide details on the cases on trial against them, their company profile, financial status, loans, and customer reviews. Customers are free to browse these details before they choose to buy a property from a developer.

Arun Dev Builders has definitely felt the shift in the paradigm. The smaller real estate con-companies are slowly disappearing or are reinventing themselves to stay in the race. Arun Dev Builders, on the other hand, did not experience a huge impact as it already played by the book.


Last modified: June 8, 2017

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Arun Dev Builders Unflustered by the RERA Act

  1. Avatar aanchal says:

    Real estate has been changed tremendously in a decade but the way it is changing is commendable. We should welcome such steps with full heart.

  2. Avatar aargiv aggarwal says:

    The RERA act would create transparency between the customers and developers and we can hope for better future in real estate sector.

  3. Avatar Niharika Chauhan says:

    Dont know how RERA would impact Indian real estate but we hope for the better future. I have heard a about Arun Dev Builders and I have bought a apartment there, I live with my family, my children, they love our new house so much. I am glad. I am happy for my family that I took a decision to buy an house in Arun Dev City.

  4. Avatar Vikas Saxena says:

    If you want to live in a place with the best view, then you should try arun dev builders projects. They are RERA registered and have made a wonderful society where there are lots of amenities and facilities. The apartments are really strong and the views that you will get from your home are mostly beautiful and attention grabbing.

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