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Job scenario of the Indian market has made the headlines every now and then with mass layoffs. Reason? The country’s educational system does not equip a graduate, or even post-graduate, with updated knowledge of their domain. As a result, there is a constant gap between academic qualifications and securing a job for most of the individuals. This is where Infowiz, a training institute based in Chandigarh, steps in.

Infowiz has been working since seven years to bridge this prolonged gap in order to improve the current scenario of the Indian corporate industry. Experts at Infowiz say that the problem lies in the outdated curriculum of universities. Students are studying, cramming if you may, about the technologies of 1978 and trying to get a job in 2019, which clearly reflects the lack of practical application and overuse of theoretical knowledge.

Companies from nearly every industry are looking forward to analyze, identify, and integrate the use of next-generation technologies in their existing operations. This serves their dual purpose of enhancing the productivity while simultaneously, enabling them to provide improved user experience. Industries including IT, healthcare, e-commerce, security, etc, are embracing the potential encompassed within technologies including digital marketing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, Hadoop, etc.

Institutes like Infowiz provide courses across a wide portfolio, including the aforementioned names, to help the corporate professional stay up to date with the dynamic industry demands. Certified nature of these courses ensures an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals while exposing the individual to live projects so as to maintain the ratio of theoretical and practical application. The impact of this approach can be attributed to their placement record of approximately 75% students in a set of more than 1000 trained individuals.

Educational authorities across the country have realized this shortcoming and are gradually heading towards some fundamental changes by incorporating smart boards, workshops, conferences with individuals, etc. And even though the future looks bright, the current crop of corporate professionals can rely on external sources of help for an upgradation, head start for pursing graduates, in their career.

Last modified: March 13, 2019

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