Benefits Of Meditation: Jagmohan Garg Delhi Realtor Shares His Spiritual Side

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New Delhi based Jagmohan Garg, DMall owner stats about fact about spirituality. He says “Following a spiritual path becomes a necessity to rejuvenate the inner self and stay surrounded by positive vibes.”

India is flourishing on many levels, and enhancing its global stature. Amidst all the other developments that have taken place in the country, the real estate industry has come up as one of the most influential sectors.
In order to thrive in the demanding business of real estate, one requires staying calm. Meditation is the key to calming one’s inner senses and tackle with constant pressure.

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Jagmohan Garg, who originally belongs to Haryana, is a self-made, real estate tycoon from Delhi. He deals in projects as big as Radisson Blu Hotels, D Mall. In addition, the realtor also happens to be a profound follower of the Brahma Kumaris and practices Raja Yoga to calm his mind.

The avid Brahma Kumari follower further shows his inclination towards meditation by explaining it as an inward journey that promotes not just self-discovery, but the re-discovery of an individual. Meditation is the time that a person takes out from his busy schedule to reflect the silence within. A person comes back to his centered being with the help of the time he spends in solitude, away from all the daily hustle and bustle.

Brahma Kumaris share teachings of ancient meditation that help individuals focus on identity as a soul. The spiritual group believes that souls of all beings are good and the ultimate source of all this goodness is God. Jagmohan Garg delhi believes in the spiritual beliefs of Brahma Kumaris. He admits that he has largely benefitted in the real estate by dedicatedly meditating every single day.

Last modified: November 16, 2017

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Benefits Of Meditation: Jagmohan Garg Delhi Realtor Shares His Spiritual Side

  1. Avatar Sanaya Irani says:

    Quite inspired by the thoughts of Mr. Garg. Meditation is indeed one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. I think it is crucial for everyone to practice it in order to ensure their mental well-being and attain the path to enlightenment.

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