Computer testing companies bringing in a ‘Seamless Secured System’ in place

Computer testing companies bringing in a ‘Seamless Secured System in placeOver the years, we have witnessed numerous exams getting cancelled due to paper leaks or cheating chaos in examination halls. Companies like Prometric− who administer computer-based testing programs−help us in beating such challenges.  Computerized testing is not only convenient, but way more secure than paper-based exams.

Computer-based testing programs come with several features, designed to prevent cheating.One of the best features is to randomize the questions, so that candidates don’t get the same set of questions at the same time. Prometric, a global leader in computer-based testing, reiterates that there is no danger of losing or manipulating data, as it is automatically saved in the system. The company also provides security features like fingerprint scanning,which is important in this technology-driven world.

Many candidates from all over the world prefer computer-based tests as they don’t have to worry about bringing all sorts of things with them. For example, Prometric works with clients to help ensure that audios, videos and images are incorporated properly into its computer-based testing approach so that content is more convenient and understandable for the test takers. Teachers are also in favour of computerized testing, as they don’t have to distribute and check hundreds of exam papers, especially in countries like India,where the population is large. Also,human mistakes can creep anytime, and ruin the future of a candidate. Computerized testing is time-saving and environment-friendly as well.

 has been widely accepted in India and has gained a lot of ground in the past couple of years. The Indian education system needed a big change,especially after failing to conduct almost all the popular exams without any untoward incident. News of paper leaks and cheating cases marred the education sector’s reputation, until computerized testing was adopted. And with companies like Prometric, this change is here to stay, for the better.

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  • priya rawat

    Computerized testing is the best way of examination. prometric provides the best way.