Dr Sudhir Angur advocates Social Entrepreneurship in India

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As India powers into the next decade and beyond, the challenge the country faces in taking the benefits of development and progress into the hinterlands remains enormous and just as urgent. Inclusivity, when it comes to economic growth must not just remain a buzzword but a pulsing reality for the disadvantaged in India. Here’s where social entrepreneurship steps in. The practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social issues and challenges is one that elevates entrepreneurship on to a platform of social conscience.  In India needless to say, it’s the critical need of the hour.

Alliance University Chancellor

Dr. Sudhir Angur, an established academic and entrepreneur in his own right holds social entrepreneurship close to his heart. His three decades on inspiring work in the field of education as a teacher and an entrepreneurial practitioner is driven by a passionate belief that ‘education with inclusivity is in effect social upliftment’. It’s no wonder then, as the Chancellor of Alliance University he is committed to the progress of the community the institution finds itself in. “For us, as an institution of excellence, it’s not just mere education. Its education with a purpose and that which goes beyond our immediate boundaries seeping into communities we serve, and raising their standards of living through skill transfers’, Dr. Angur opines. Alliance University today is an educational institution of repute that has incorporated corporate citizenship and social responsibility into its core existential purpose.

Looking to the future, Dr. Angur belives a collaborative approach that includes all key stakeholders is the way to go in spurring social entrepreneurship on. Using available social and media technology platforms, he believes it will be possible to bring on board the marginalized so they can participate in designing environmentally sustainable entrepreneurial activities that will benefit their communities. True to his mission, Dr. Angur is focusing his energies on ensuring this happens, sooner than later.









Last modified: January 16, 2018

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Dr Sudhir Angur advocates Social Entrepreneurship in India

  1. Avatar rupal says:

    What makes social entrepreneurship distinct from business entrepreneurship , is its unwavering focus on the social and environmental mission? Still this fact needs more of clarity in my sense.

  2. Avatar shikha says:

    what I understood by reading this article is that social entrepreneurship is the application of the mindset, processes, tools, and techniques of business entrepreneurship in pursuit of social environment.

  3. Avatar akshita says:

    The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship is on the rise, and although consumers support it, many don’t understand the profit model of companies in this sector. This should be supported .

  4. Avatar pallavi says:

    Its good to that Alliance pivot member is so keen on issues like social entrepreneurship. He is trying to make this mission a success in India .

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