Dr. Sudhir Angur explaining Level 3 of Management Skills

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Personal Development is key for the general improvement of a manager and level 3 of the management skills pyramid, ensures that the manager must have all the imperative aptitudes so achievement can be accomplished with accuracy.

Chancellor of Alliance University, Dr. Sudhir Angur has supported F. John Reh’s Management Skills Pyramid-Level 3 by tossing some light upon the matter, in a manner that a layman can likewise comprehend the same with very little exertion. F. John Reh is a senior business official, an author and a management & leadership expert.

First level in the pyramid is about getting things done by planning, organizing, directing and controlling, which are the essential obligations of a director. Second level on the pyramid is about adding to his staff which can be done by motivating them to work adequately and effectively, including them in many matters identified with them and the organization to some degree and staff’s training & coaching additionally goes under the same.

Now comes level 3, in which self improvement is done by managing the time and managing the self. Self improvement skills are also called personal management skills.

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So as to continue with self management, the supervisor needs to take the responsibility for occupation and be responsible to each of his deeds and acts. Being receptive to your conscience is another addition, as it will assist the one to improve in person also. Applying Pareto’s principle in working style is something that should be possible where 80% significance is given to genuinely important work and 20% to urgent work, which may seem important at times but it is not actuality the case.

With regards to time management, the manager ought to have the capacity to do this thing easily with no external power. Making a To-Do-List is a major help to yourself so that you can deal with your daily chores. Staying away from multi tasking will spare you a considerable amount of time as the multitasking frequently creates chaos which takes time to resolve things.

This level 3 of management skills pyramid is the one, where the manager learns a lot on his own and it additionally gives opportunities to be more disciplined.

Last modified: January 17, 2018

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