Ed-tech players and Prometric helping in changing the face of Indian education system

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The educational standards in India have not been keeping been keeping pace with the rest of the world.  But foreign companies like Prometric and ED-tech players have given a glimmer of hope to the Indian students. India has been following an old school of thought in the education sector, be it old traditional exams or un-attractive ways of teaching. The existing rat race is often promoted among the students. Technology can be an answer to this never-ending problem.

India can surely take a cue from Finland’s national curriculum framework of 2016, where in the need for specific subjects has been eliminated. The students are taught events and situations like World War and global warming through a practical knowledge, scientific and mathematical approach. Also, the rising presence of Ed-tech players has allowed students to boost their performance by combining tuitions with self-learning. A lot of students prefer self-studying through study notes and making their own observations.

The academic culture has been more or less the same in India as it was during the Colonial era,and the effect of this culture is visible in our country. Our systems are not secure leading to incidents of cheating and data manipulation. Even though technology has brought in a change with testing companies like Prometric conducting flawless exams, but for a proper system in place, authorities will need to ensure full use of technology in the education sector.

While our students and professionals are desired all over the world for their individual brilliance, our education system is lagging behind.The area of academics is essential for a nation, but India still faces a shortage of 10 lakh teachers in government schools. This is not encouraging, considering that 55 percent of India’s 260 million school-going children study in government institutes.

But, the Indian education system can hope for a turn around as the latest technology can be used to good effect, especially for higher education. We can already see the presence of technology in our education sector, it’s just about increasing the influence of the same. The good thing for the Indian education sector is that on the one hand foreign companies like Prometric have made the exams safe and secure, and on the other hand, Ed-tech has enabled delivery of educational content to students with a few clicks and swipes on their smartphones.

As smartphone penetration is expected to reach 650 million by 2020 in India, such platforms have largely mitigated the extremely troublesome aspect of long-distance travel to access quality education.

The Internet has become a massive leveler as well as a storehouse of information. Students are able to search content at the click of a button. With the rising presence of computerized testing companies like Prometric in high-stake exams and Ed-tech players in the academic sphere, we are surely working towards an overhauling of the education system.

Last modified: February 1, 2018

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