Effective Communication skills a must, says Sharda University

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Effective Communication skills a must, says Sharda University

Effective Communication skills a must, says Sharda University

In the Personality Development Program at Sharda University, participants are taught to appreciate the nuances of good personality traits such as Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, and Personal Habits. Communication deals with understanding emotions with sympathy, and when possible, with empathy. It is important to understand the intention behind the spoken words. They are apt to guide the stimulus and help in generating a suitable response.

So,developing good communication skills will help an individual to learn and manage the situations with humility and patience as the speaking and writing skills are always accompanied by Non-Verbal Communication which helps to develop engaged listening, stress management and ability to communicate assertively.

It is rightly said that “First Impression is the last Impression”, this adage stands true in most of the spheres of life and especially in the corporate world. Your first impression on the HR can land you that dream job of yours.

Communication being a mutually beneficial exchange of information between different individuals and Soft Skills as a cluster of numerous personality traits, plays a vital role in overall development of an MBA graduate into a “READYMADE MANAGER” for the Corporate World.

Under the Personality Development Program at Sharda University Noida, (designed to imbibe Communication and Soft skills in the students) the MBA Graduates are prepared to build up Strong work ethic, Positive Attitude, Time Management Abilities, Self Confidence and many more such traits. This capsule program acts as a catalyst which helps them to perform and excel under work pressure .They also develop an attitude to accept and learn from criticism. Therefore, by the end of the course the Recruitment process of MBA graduates become effortless as they become adaptable to the favorable, as well as to adverse situations.

Apart from the traditional courses in Communication, Sharda University focuses on Personality Development. The university builds  understanding of concepts through class discussion, followed by one of more of the following methodologies:

2. Group Discussion
3. Mock interviews
4. Role Plays
5. Presentations


Last modified: December 5, 2015

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Effective Communication skills a must, says Sharda University

  1. Avatar vinayak jha says:

    Very informative article for me, I decided to do my graduation from sharda university….

  2. Avatar vaishali kaul says:

    Staff…..very helpful

    faculties…… very nice

    atmosphere……. Awesome

    fees…….. Average

    location…… good

    study material……… very easy and helpful for everyone…

  3. Avatar Ronak Kumar says:

    Nice university and nice atmosphere for studies. I had such a nice experience at sharda university during my graduation I learnt many thing about my career.

  4. Avatar bhuwnesh kumar says:

    Very nice article about Sharda University, I appreciate their way of working.

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