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Financial Technologies, FTIL is the leading solution provider to Exchange Solutions, Brokerage Solutions, Messaging, consultation and risk solutions to the next generation in order to create a better digital market and a workplace that can help newbies to know the price and how efficiently transactions are done in various financial segments.

FTIL,Financial Technologies,Mr. Jignesh Shah

The Company firmly believes in creating and operating global financial exchanges with its dedicated network of 5 exchanges plus 2 eco-friendly ventures. It has a team of experts who specialize in creating and operating financial markets.
The Company’s belief in following Intellectual Property rights helps it to create a better financial market and a growing Industry. It designs brand-centric models in lieu of generating sustainable revenues.
FTIL is the only company with 6 exchanges that connect the fastest growing countries in terms of their economy – Africa, India, Middle East, and South East Asia.
About the Founder, Mr. Jignesh Shah
Mr. Jignesh Shah is the Founder Chairman and the Group CEO of the Financial Technologies group. He is the man behind creating these global technology-driven financial exchanges. He is often praised for his work in creating an amazing financial institute following Public-Private Partnership Model.

Mr. Jignesh Shah ,FTIL,Financial Technologies

Mr. Jignesh Shah

For this, he is called the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets’ as well. His enthusiasm for the financial market has given us IP-centric markets, which have changed the viewpoint of trading via exchanges in India and abroad.
He is the founder of Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)- one of the largest commodity exchanges across the world along with other exchanges like Bahrain Financial Exchange, BFX; Bourse Africa, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, DGCX; Indian Energy Exchange, IEX; and Singapore Mercantile Exchange, SMX.
In 2008, he was ranked amongst the top 30 global innovators by Institution investors. He is very passionate about taking steps for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has taken initiative for Gram Suvidha Kendra and Pragati like communities of underprivileged people.

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