Goa: A trip to the land of idyllic beauty

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Goa by Sandeep Kalra

By Sandeep Kalra

A getaway from the perpetual work agitation of my 9-5 work area occupation was highly required. What’s more, what better, than a trip to Goa? In spite of the fact that I’ve been to this spot twice some time recently, yet I trust Goa is not the spot you visit once and check off from your list. The hypnotizing perspectives of the unending ocean and boundless sky, pleasant shorelines and visitor hotspots make you visit this spot over and over. My bliss and energy knew no limits when I was gathering my packs, prepared to leave for this place. A good company and a happening destination is all you need to make your vacations fun-filled to the core. Accompanied by two of my friends, I reached Goa on 10th March. I was completely enthralled by the beauty of this place which never fails to amaze me with its splendid beauty.  I was captivated by the magnificent edifices and architectural splendors crafted to perfection of this place. They have an inimitable beauty of their own. It is not less than a heavenly experience if you’re fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the astounding sun rise and sun set on the beaches of Goa.

The expansive vistas of its scenic beaches deliver an awe rendering feeling full of solace. No wonder why Goa is called the land of idyllic beauty. The enthusiastic, vivid and intriguing widely varied vegetation in Goa are a radical new level of lovely. The nightlife, shorelines, influencing palms, inviting ocean depths fortresses, chapels, sustenance shacks, nearby markets and so forth! They made exact instant of my outing totally justified, despite all the trouble.

Last modified: May 2, 2016

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