Haida HR giving a new direction to teachers’ careers around the globe

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Many people are interested in gaining international experience to give a new direction to their professional career. Haida Interact International Company Ltd is providing such opportunity to teachers around the globe.

The Hangzhou-based company is providing a chance to the foreign teachers to work in China and live the life of dreams.Teaching jobs can be a good option to not only earn well but experience the Chinese culture, beauty and much more.The company is not only providing a handsome salary, but is also providing a comfortable and beautiful accommodation, which is an added advantage.

The induction process is fairly simple as one can simply apply through their website. Haida International is not only looking for English teachers, but it is also hiring dance teachers, music teachers, and general science teachers as well. Haida’s experience and passion for education has paved the way for thousands of foreign teachers to enrich the incredible experiences offered by China. Also, the TEFL course offered by this company is possibly the only free course in the world.

The foreign teachers have played a fantastic role in adding exciting elements and bringing dynamism to the education sector. The idea of bringing foreign teachers seems to be benefitting both the students and teachers. However, some people are still reluctant to go outside the countryas they are either scared or confused about making the decision. But with a big organization like Haida Interact International Company Ltd at the helm of affairs, many foreign teachers are coming to China from all over the world, banking on the reputation of the company.

The company has not disappointed the teachers as they have a history of over 20 years in which they have dispatched over 2,000 foreign experts. They have expanded their reach to over 250 cooperative institutions. Almost 50,000 students have benefited from foreign teachers dispatched by Haida.

Last modified: October 10, 2018

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Haida HR giving a new direction to teachers’ careers around the globe

  1. Avatar Tiffany Zhao says:

    Teaching in China is a great experience and I am gaining a diverse knowledge while working in such vibrant culture. Haida HR had helped me built up my teaching portfolio and from last 15 months, I am teaching in a government school in Shenzhen.

  2. Avatar Tina Ye says:

    I must say Haida HR is trustworthy organization . I had worked with them for 2 years and the experience is nice.

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