The Hidden Jewels of Old Delhi: How the City’s Early Jewellers Earned their Timeless Charm

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The lanes of Old town of Delhi resonate the rich historical and cultural traces of the city. The expanse of Indian history comes to life in the old town where tradition greets you at its every nook and corner. One such preserved relic of the time gone by is the Dariba Kalan. As exquisite as the name is, (which means an unparalleled pearl) so is the jewellery offerings of the crowded narrow alleys of Dariba.

Being a former host to country’s leading jewellers, Dariba Kalan has seen the humble beginnings of some pioneering jewellery brands. These brands outlay unique offerings weaved into modern and bespoke designs. Amidst its core, Old Delhi housed some of the most exclusive jewellers that now cater to much vast audience. Albeit some of the major jewelers have shifted to more developed parts of the city, thus expanding their clientele, what they managed to preserve is the superlative quality and craftsmanship in their offerings.

Brands such as Janki Dass Jewelers, AKM Mehrasons Jewellers, and Multan Jewellers have kept intact Dariba’s passion and expertise of creating unique crafted jewellery. That said, the brands over time have evolved and translated their ideas to suit the modern customer and also managed to clench to the rich roots they possess.

The jewellery for the noble, which was crafted in the by-lanes of Old Delhi can now be accessed by women across the city, as jewellers spread to more urbanized parts of Delhi. Not compromising on the authentic craftsmanship that veteran jewellers offered, these jewellers can definitely make you “Deja-wooed” through their exquisite designs.

However, these designers have successfully crafted a new genre of jewellery through redesigning and re-interpreting cultural jewellery, which has become increasingly popular amongst modern women.  Speaking about how jewellery has progressed over time, AKM Mehrasons Jewellers owner, Deepak Mehra says, “We have evolved to create bespoke jewellery and are moving towards affluent young clients looking for unique, original, wearable jewellery with an affordable price tag.”

Mehrasons Jewellers’ legacy and experience in India’s jewellery has made history – right from their operations in Dariba Kalan (post-independence), and then their move to the considerably posh South Delhi.

The jewellery trousseau of India has been talked about every now and then, both internally and internationally.  “The appetite for understanding the exact nature of regal and old valued jewellery from India has sparked a frenzy around the turn of the century,” says fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore.

With these jewellery designers preserving the artistry and craftsmanship of an era gone by, and further using it to create ethnic jewellery splurge, they create perfect possessions for you and your loved ones.

Last modified: June 17, 2019

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