Hope to win staggering 1 million rupees in Diwali Rummy Tournament

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Maybe I’m addicted to card games and especially Rummy now, but I hardly knew anything about it a year ago. It’s well known that Indian rummy is most famous form of rummy. Obviously I wanted to try it, so I looked online portals where Indian rummy could be played. It wasn’t just easy to understand all the rules until I joined RummyCircle.

After trying about 6 online rummy portals, where I mostly used to lose, I got to know about RummyCircle. Their tutorials and explanative description of ‘how to play rummy’ made me understand the complete game in no time. Now I know that rummy is based largely on skill and logical thinking ability. For me, now it’s become so easy to win a game of rummy on RummyCircle. I love this platform so much I went to RummyCircle reviews section and thanked its developers.

Now that I’m well acquainted with terminologies and aspects of this game, I take part in RummyCircle tournaments a lot. I wouldn’t lie, the best thing about these tournaments is the cash and amazing prizes you can bag by winning. The most recent tournament, which I took part in, is the Diwali Rummy Tournament. I hope to win the final prize of the competition which whopping Rs. 1 million.

Apart from the Diwali tournament, RummyCircle also holds daily contests where you can win daily bonuses and exciting prizes. This temptation has kept me in touch with this amazing online gaming portal.

There are a number of other card games that can be enjoyed online, like poker, but rummy is truly the best. The reason being, your chances of winning a rummy game do not depend on luck alone. Instead you can make your own luck by applying your own skills – The Supreme Court of India agrees with it.

I would definitely recommend all online game lovers out there to try RummyCircle at least once if they wish to experience something unique and exciting.


Last modified: October 29, 2016

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