How Jaro Education is increasing the scope of executive MBA in India ?

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In a country like India having cut-throat competition for job search, everyone strives to excel in their careers. Recent surveys highlight the increasing preference of students for executive MBA to improve their resume and land up in better jobs. Along with various additional benefits, this program saves a large churn of your efforts and years.

Jaro Education

Since the past many years, MBA has continued to be the most popular postgraduate course in India. It is mainly due to the career prospects it opens for Indian professionals and students. Statistics show that the number of candidates pursuing an MBA soars high every year. These aspirants mainly include recent graduates and experienced professionals. It is deemed as one of the best ways to enhance your career prospects. However, with the increasing competition and limited number of MBA seats, quite a major segment of MBA aspirants find it unviable to hustle for MBA seats.

Industry experts at Jaro Education, a leading online education provider in India, recommend the traditional two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGPD) program, especially to the individuals with minimal or no work experience. Working professionals having a significant working experience, who are looking forward to further enhance their managerial skills and bolster their career opportunities can opt for an Executive MBA.

Also known as E-MBA, Executive MBA program includes flexible courses which mainly suit the requirements of a working professionals. The implied benefits of Executive MBA seem more plausible at the outset, since working professionals cannot necessarily sidetrack their careers in pursuit of the more intense MBA programs in the country. That however, is not to discredit the utility and sheer benefits of the Executive MBA courses.

With the Indian students gradually realizing benefits of E-MBA, the course is gaining popularity in India.


As per Jaro Education reviews, majority of the candidates pursue Executive MBA aiming for better employment options. For example, Jaro Education has designed an exclusive course of 18 months to meet the needs of professionals looking forward to pursue an MBA degree without interrupting their careers.

Experts at Jaro Education state that an Executive MBA program is ideal for those who have skipped doing an early MBA but possess good undergraduate qualifications. They also need to have substantive prior work experience and work skills that currently hold high market value.

Though the course offers great scope for a bright managerial future for working professionals, the lack of flexibility as compared to full-time E-MBA courses offered by reputed universities remains a common issue. Time and location also remains a constraint for people who are already working, and hence, a number of Executive MBA aspirants end up abandoning their pursuit.

At present, there is a limited number of organizations offering intensive and practical Executive MBA for students and working professionals. For instance, Jaro Education offers Executive MBAs in India – which has also been picked by IIM Ahmedabad.

“Working professionals have very tight schedules with their permanent work and family, so it is very difficult for them to study in the campus with the traditional way. Fortunately, taking a credible online program for an Executive MBA degree provides them the control and freedom they need over the schedule of their study. As long as one has a computer and an internet connection, one can work on getting an E-MBA degree online,” explained a representative from the Mumbai-based Jaro Education.

In addition to its association with IIM-A, Jaro Education also offers Executive MBA program to its students in association with GNIMS. The multitudes offered by EMBA courses present students with an opportunity to specialize in in Financial Decision Making, Marketing Management, HR Management, Operations Management, Business Statistics, Business Analytics, Start-up Management, etc.

Certainly, pursuing an Executive MBA online proves to be a better option than studying in a traditional classroom setting. In terms of affordability, an online E-MBA degree program is better than the usual tuition for the same program minus the frills of the regular MBA. Along with this, the working professionals and managers can pursue higher education without having to start from scratch through the Executive MBA program.

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Last modified: December 26, 2018

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