Covid-19 hitting hard on B-schools; here’s how management colleges are planning ahead

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iFEEL Lonavala looks for a strategic academic plan to overcome the covid-19 impact

The outbreak of Covid-19 has disrupted almost every sector and the management education is no exception. Academic schedules have undoubtedly been affected and with uncertainty looming over, most of the top B-schools are finding measures to deal with the current situation as well as bracing up for any circumstance that lies ahead.

As a harbour for future entrepreneurs and leaders, B-schools and management colleges have an added responsibility since the business landscape is changing amid the pandemic outbreak. With that said, Xavier School of Management, one of the well-known PGDM colleges in India, has announced that it will integrate lessons on the changing dynamics of workplaces due to the pandemic in its HR-focused course. Similarly, iFEEL Lonavala is looking to tweak its curriculum in a way that would prepare students for any possible disruptions in businesses in the future. “Since business environment is volatile and we never know what kind of unprecedented situations will occur, it is crucial to prepare the students accordingly beforehand,” said one of the professors.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, most business areas and modules will not remain the same anymore even after the crisis settles, which is why many B-schools are also planning to restructure their curriculum and include subjects that can be of vital importance in the post-covid business world. However, regardless of what the future holds, immersive and hands-on learning experience will always remain at the core of management education curriculum. This is what colleges like iFEEL Lonavala have always sought to offer and plan to continue doing so in the coming times as well. “We try to give our students as much exposure as possible on real-time business environment through internships, workshops and enable them to learn from industry leaders in person. Considering the nature of the business world, this is the ideal way to lead the management students,” a faculty expert at iFEEL Lonavala reviews.

However, more importantly, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the need to be benevolent, especially towards the underprivileged. This is something that every B-school should look to foster, because for a person to become an entrepreneur, a mere proficiency in business management skills does not suffice. As a global citizen and a business leader at that, adopting an entrepreneurial approach that is just and humane is the need of the hour.


Last modified: May 23, 2020

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