IRB Infrastructure achieving milestones under Virendra Mhaiskar’s supervision

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Developing India needs impeccable skill set and qualitative manpower of the Nation, in order to be a part of global competitiveness and outshine amongst all the odds. And infrastructure industry is one of those significant sectors, which contribute in the Nation’s development on a huge scale.


IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. is one of those leading infrastructure developers, who aim to grace the Nation’s beauty with their art of construction and make a difference to the society simultaneously, by bearing environmental concerns in their minds.

IRB Infrastructure is a road Build–Operate–Transfer (BOT) operator, which traces back its inception to the year 1938, in Mumbai and IRB Infrastructure Owner, Virendra Mhaiskar has invested his years of experience in constructing roads and building trust in and around the home-turf of IRB Infra, i.e. Mumbai. The conglomerate was established to fund the capital requirements of IRB Group, when it was pioneering in the infrastructure sector.

IRB Infrastructure has not only constructed and operated but also maintained almost 9,295 lane kms of road from length to breadth of India. The approximate size of all the BOT projects of IRB Infrastructure is up to Rs. 284,928 Million, including both completed and under construction projects. The subsidiaries of IRB Infrastructure helped and supported the former to achieve these goals on time.

IRB Infrastructure’s area of work includes:

  • Road Infrastructure Projects: development and operation of roadways
  • Real Estate: real estate development
  • Others: windmill, sale of electricity generated by windmill, hospitality and airport infrastructure

From government agencies to state road development authorities, IRB has catered every clientele’s needs, bearing all kinds of requirement in mind. Road asset Portfolio of IRB has covered 8 Indian states till now.

The current milestones of IRB are as follows:

  • Project Agra Etawah to start revenue generation in max 30 days time
  • Completed biggest project of NHAI on time Ahemdabad vadodara
  • Completed Pathankot-Amritsar BOT Project
  • Completed Jaipur-Deoli Project
  • Completed Talegaon-Amravati BOT Project

Last modified: December 13, 2016

8 Responses to :
IRB Infrastructure achieving milestones under Virendra Mhaiskar’s supervision

  1. Avatar Gajendra Sheth says:

    Virendra Mhaiskar is one of the finest entrepreneur we have in india. He is an icon of business industry.

  2. Avatar amit tiwari says:

    Last night, i drived at the Mumbai Pune Expressway lane. I found roads very smooth and toll system was completely hassle free. It was one my best driving experience to drive at this expressway which was build by IRB developers.

    1. Avatar Gajendra Sheth says:

      I am planning to visit the Mumbai Pune Expressway next week. Can wait to drive at that expressway as i heard a lot about it.

  3. Avatar gopalhooda says:

    IRB Infrastructure has played a key role in changing the scenario of road construction sector. Their incredible contributions and the BOT concept has completely changed the face of infrastructure sector.

    1. Avatar Gajendra Sheth says:

      Well said.

  4. Avatar Prashant Khanna says:

    I have read many articles of IRB on web, it seems that IRB have been one of the most quality road developers in india.

    1. Avatar gopalhooda says:

      I agree. This article provide valuable piece of information.

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