Jewellery care tips for Holi by Motisons Jewellers

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The day of colors, of gujiyas and of gubbaras, is finally here upon us once again. Motisons Jewellers has taken the opportunity to guide you with some jewellery tips this season of Holi. We like to be decked up for the Holi parties that we are invited to because being plain is so mainstream. So, do not bother about getting your jewellery dulled as the following tips will sail it through storms (literally).

Zip-up to avoid pigmentation:
Make sure that you clean your jewellery pieces the right way after the Holi celebrations are done. If possible, zip them up in zip-lock bags to avoid pigmentation due to oxidization, says Sanjay Chhabra from Motisons.

Jewellery care tips for Holi by Motisons Jewellers

Jewellery care tips for Holi by Motisons Jewellers

Managing platinum, silver and gold jewellery:
For these metals, dark patches appear when they are exposed to the wet skin. These can be removed by using a soft brush with soap water to remove these marks.

For serene pearls:
Pearls are made of layers of nacre which are very soft and can be damaged without much effort. For these shining little pearls can be eaten away by chemicals and alcohol, wash cultured pearls in mild soap water, advises Sandeep Chhabra from Motisons.

For diamond and gemstones:
One should avoid wearing a delicate setting if he has plans to play whole heartedly. However, if your diamonds get tinted, soak them in warm water, mixed with 1-2 drops of ammonia based household cleaner (like gentle liquid dishwasher), says Sanjay Chhabra. You can use a gentle tooth brush to remove residues. Rinse thoroughly in plain water and air-dry.

Go professional:
Sandeep Chhabra said that one can also do professional cleaning sprays. Spray them and leave for one minute and then rinse thoroughly in plain water. This will do it.

Last modified: March 25, 2016

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