NIMS Chairman, Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar : Gem of India

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NIMS Chairman Dr.Balvir Singh Tomar

NIMS University Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar’s life can be summed up as a continuous journey of growth, learning and development.

Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar, who is a dignified chancellor at NIMS University, has made significant contributions in the field of Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition. He is involved as investigator/ co-investigator in over 20 major research projects funded by National (DST, ICMR) and International agencies (WHO, UNICEF).

The high powered NIMS University Chairman uses exquisite research techniques which involves setting up of several diagnostic and research techniques in his mastered departments. He also undertakes biochemical techniques to carry out nutrient balance studies for patients with mal-absorption syndromes.

Under the supervision of Dr. Tomar, an in-vitro organ culture system for human and rabbit intestine has been established for the first time. The technique has prevalent processes to investigate pathogenesis of newer pathogens and effect of microbes and micro nutrients on intestinal structure and function.

He has also arranged the diagnostic facilities for hepatitis viral infections (A to E). The proposed venture is likely to provide useful information for decisions regarding introduction of hepatitis vaccines for children in the country. Further, he manages screening tests for metabolic liver diseases in children and evaluation of newer diagnostic techniques such as endoscopy for gastrointestinal diseases.

He continues his research for different aspects of Hepatitis E and Hepatitis C – Virus infection in pediatric age group & their modality of treatment. Also, the risk factors of severe liver diseases in children and management of Extra-hepatic portal hypertension are in his consideration.

The endeavors set by dynamic Chairman of NIMS University bear fruit for the society and are inclined towards the debilities in regard of Diarrhoea, malnutrition and community implementation of Diarrhoeal disease control Programs, Food allergy, Hepatitis, Chronic liver diseases in children and fulminating liver failure.

Having an expert like Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar, is a prideful moment for the country, as he has put his shoulder to the wheel to make strides in the field of Medical Science across the Nation.

Last modified: April 5, 2016

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NIMS Chairman, Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar : Gem of India

  1. Avatar Rajiv Khandelwal says:

    Hello Sir…..I am very happy to read this article and your researches. I am a medical student and need to ask you something regarding your medical research.Sir how can we implement this in-vitro organ culture system for human and rabbit intestine ?

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