Online Card Games for Children not bad at all!

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Card games are something which spoils your innocent side. Right? Well, don’t be surprised to know that you are wrong this time. There is no lack of card games, especially computer and online card games which are played by numerous kids around the world, where reasons vary from learning math to sharpening the memory skills.

Counting and colour recognition: Solitaire doesn’t need any introduction, where counting and colour differentiation is all you have to master, if not, then it can be learned with a playful experience. The winning prize of sky shots on the computer screen is more than enough for the young ones.

Memory Trial: the online card game of Memory Trial was invented with the aim to enhance the memory retaining power among the kids. A slight look at the cards put the young brains on a trial of memory retaining, in which they have to match one kind of card with the other and complete the chain.

Tri Towers Solitaire: much like Solitaire, a Tri Tower Solitaire is a game of pure math where high and low values decide your victory or defeat. Wild Card changes the game and works like a blessing. Well, most of the times.

UNO 3: Uno is not just a game of coloured cards, it is more than that. Now with its foray on the internet under the name UNO 3, the experience has become digital, where throws and exchanges have been replaced with clicks. In this online version, the savior options of ‘Skip’ and ‘Reverse’ are the game changer.

Now you don’t have to stop your child if s/he wants to play online card game because you know, it will only benefit their learning process and teach them everything good, I mean whatever is required at the time of their growth.

Wish your kid a happy learning phase!

Last modified: February 16, 2016

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