Organ transplantation at Artemis Hospital: Transforming lives

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Organ transplantation is certainly the most remarkable of the achievements of modern medicine. Artemis Hospital, a leading multi-specialty hospital in Gurgaon believes that a successful transplant can give a fresh lease of life to someone. No wonder, the Liver transplant department often uses the tag line “Changing livers, changing lives”!

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However, if you’re looking forward to an organ transplant, you would probably be submerged in a lot of emotions. Experienced medics at the Artemis Hospital Organ Transplant Centre counsel you about all you need to know before undergoing an organ transplant.
Basically, organ transplantation is a medical procedure which involves replacing a damaged / diseased organ. It is deemed as the most effective treatment for end stage organ failure, such as liver or heart failure. The procedure is based on a surgical method of removing a healthy organ (or part of an organ) from the donor and transplanting it into the recipient’s body.
Senior consultants at Artemis Hospital claim that organ transplantation from healthy fit related donors, carried out with meticulous attention to detail, entail negligible risks. They believe that it is important to ensure rigorous selection procedures, careful surgical technique and post operative care of the donors.

With state-of-the-art technology and an obsession for a ‘care, not just cure ’philosophy, they have consistently achieved over 90% success rates in solid organ transplantation.
However, chances of organ rejection and other potential risks associated with organ transplantation makes it imperative to acquire complete information about your disease and the procedure of organ transplantation, so that you are a well-informed patient.
The most commonly transplanted organs include:
• Liver
• Kidneys
• Heart
• Bone marrow ( not a solid organ )

Doctors at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon explain that donor-recipient organs are matched using a number of characteristics like the type of blood and size of the organ needed. Several other factors like the relation between the donor and recipient, the medical history and current health status of the patient are also taken into consideration.
The transplant journey is one that the patient travels along with his donor, his family and his doctors and nurses. It is usually an experience that patients describe as unparalleled in more ways than one.
One of the Transplant Surgeons at Artemis says “In transplantation, the doctors do not cure the patient. The donor cures the patient; we merely help in the process!

Every successful transplant is a tribute to the donor who made it happen, either who donated an organ to his loved one while he was alive or who donated his organs to an unknown person after his death.”

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Organ transplantation at Artemis Hospital: Transforming lives

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