Prof Sudhir Angur talks about how to crack interviews with ease.

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Our modern world is getting better and so is the competition. There are lots of multinational companies now and lots of jobs interview. And especially the management job interviews are really very tough, because interviewing for a position in management is much different from entry level job interviews. Instead of asking us about our skills the hiring manager will be expecting number of different competencies. Prof Sudhir Angur of Alliance University has identified five management competencies that we have to demonstrate in the interview.


  1. Show them that you can make decisions:- Confidently answer common interview questions like “what would you do if one of your employees was rude to a customer?” or “What if someone who worked for you was always coming in late?” . Sudhir Angur says that it is important to tell recruiters what they want to hear such as you think about all the consequences of the decision you’re making, you’re not are not afraid to act decisively.
  1. Show them that you can assign duties to the team members: This would include answering to the questions like “How will you delegate tasks to your employees?”  or “How will you be sure that each task is completed successfully?” and answering what they want to hear like you pick the right people for each task and you deliver clear instructions.
  1. Show them that you can motivate your team. Answering to the questions, like “How would you coach different people of your team?” “How would you motivate your team?” with what they want to hear like “we customize our help to each individual and we motivate our team with appropriate rewards and reasonable incentive.”
  1. Develop employees:- Answer the question like “How will you train your team?” with answers like “we get to know the staff, so we can find out they learn what they need.”
  1. Great communicator. Common questions are “how do you let an employee know he or she is not meeting your expectations?”. Answer them with “we are direct and honest with feedback, we know how to offer feedback in a non threatening manner.”

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Last modified: February 23, 2018

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