An advanced security system is a must to prevent unethical practices during high-stakes exams

An advanced security system is a must to prevent unethical practices during high-stakes exams

Cases of cheating in exams have been on the rise, especially in India. To beat the menace, computerized testing service providers like Prometric have come up with advanced systems to prevent unethical practices in high-stakes exams.

Admissions exams to medical and business schools are examples of high-stakes exams in India that play a major role in shaping the future of candidates. Tests like these need stringent testing standards, and no loop holes are acceptable. Also, considering the need of progressive exams in the country and the effect of these on the final outcome, a systematic procedure is necessary that can help prevent cheating. No single solution at a single point of time can address the risk of cheating.

Prometric comes with the extensive international experience in operations and knowledge in the academic, financial, healthcare, technology and logistic sectors. Prometric takes a bigger view in preventing the effects of cheating, and dissects the complete examination process. It provides high security for high-stake exams. Its test development experts are well-versed in writing and administering test questions in a way that prevents cheating while keeping the tests fair.

Additionally, Prometric uses data protection and encryption that prevents unauthorized access to exam content. It can analyze candidate behavior during exams and identify patterns indicating someone is cheating.

These computerized testing measures provide the kinds of safeguards international exam sponsors need to maketheir programs accessible globally so that aspirants can find their desired career opportunities. Computerized testing service providers like Prometric test millions of candidates every year,both locally and globally.Their goal is to provide honest test-takers a fair, reliable and valid exam system.

Unethical practices have already done a lot of damage and changed a lot of lives. Now it’s time to take up a more security-tight system to address the problem. Prometric surely promises a lot in helping to eliminate the causes of foul practices in exams.



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