Prometric strictly ensures all programmes adhere to ETS® standards

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Your grandparents realize that times have really changed when they realize you no more use the old school pen-paper methods to take tests but use a computer instead. Advancements in technology have had magnanimous impact on our lives. Things are simpler and more robust than ever. Technological benefits have penetrated into all the spheres of our living including the way of taking exams.
The old school pen-paper method has been replaced with computer based testing. The latter being modern offers a multitude of convenience to the examiners, organizers as well as the candidates; the foremost being security. Computer based tests mitigate the issues pertaining to ‘exam-leak’ and ‘cheating’. They also offer streamlining of tests and proper synchronization of examination across various test centers and improve evaluation process. Various prestigious examinations including CAT, GMAT, GRE and many other academic examinations have moved from paper based test to computer based testing.
Prometric has emerged as one of the leading online test provider. Prometric is a trusted and market-leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment. Committed to a set of values that get the right test to the right location at the right time and to the right test taker, Prometric supports candidates worldwide who take more than nine million tests each year.
Prometric has emerged as a promising market leader of technology based test conduction and its evaluation, since its establishment. It offers the expansion of tests and cent percent delivery results with the affordable prices and better speed via innovation, calibration and work flow mechanization.
Prometric’s programmes meet the high standards embodied in the ETS® Standards for Quality and Fairness. The ETS® standards reflect the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, which are considered industry standards. The core of our test development process is creating tests that wholly adhere to industry practices and support content validity and reliability of test scores.

Last modified: December 18, 2015

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