Rahul, Preeti celebrate Makar Sankranti with NGO kids (TV Snippets)

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Mumbai, Jan 14 (IANS) Actors Rahul Sharma and Preeti Chaudhary, who play the lead couple in the popular show “Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi”, celebrated Makar Sankranti with children from Save The Children India NGO at a hotel here.

Various hues adorned the sky when Rahul and Preeti along with children got together to perform the kite flying ritual. They also savoured a specially cooked meal.

Other artists from the show joined in the fervour too, and they participated in a kite-making workshop with children from the NGO.
The event was organised by Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel.
When Sandhya made Mrinal cry
Actor Mrinal Dutt had to shoot an emotional scene for “Private Investigator”, and he had to shed tears. He says at first he was hesitant about how he would pull it off, but he says his co-star Sandhya Mridul helped him.
Mrinal, who portrays the role of Raffe Roy Chaudhary in the show, said: “I and Sandhya Mridul, who plays my mother, were shooting for a scene in an open park. It was an emotional confrontation scene where I question her on our identities.
“Sandhya started crying and I had to do the same. Initially, I wasn’t really sure if I will be able to pull this scene off and we had five retakes as well. But I share an amazing tuning with Sandhya and the moment I saw tears in her eyes, I started crying and completed the scene.”
Mrinal says the experience was unforgettable.
“When the director said ‘cut’, I turned around to see that my entire crew and the onlookers in the park were also crying. This, for me, was a moment I don’t think I can ever forget,” Mrinal said.
“Private Investigator” is currently being aired on Star Plus.
Remarriage time on ‘Hum Hai Na’
It’s time for two remarriages in popular TV show “Hum Hai Na”!
The show will witness a unique twist, where the lead couple Bunty and Saagarika will take the seven wedding vows again, and so will, Bunty’s parents Ammaji and Babuji.
As per the sequence, Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) and Saagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) were asked to provide their marriage certificate by the police when Saagarika accidentally hit a constable.
However, they were not able to show it. Not just that, even Bunty’s parents were also not able to show their marriage certificate. Hence, in the forthcoming episodes, they will be seen getting married once again.

“It was fun shooting for the scene and dressing up again like bride and groom. It rarely happens that mother-father and son-bahu (son’s wife) register their marriage together. We had a great time shooting the sequence,” Kanwar said in a statement.

Last modified: January 14, 2015