Relief India Trust supports FTII strike

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Relief India supports FTII strike

Relief India Trust supports FTII strike

Wait! Before you even bother saying, we’ll admit it for you! Yes. Relief India Trust is an NGO that takes care, we mean good care of children who are differently-abled and sick and work towards making their lives better. We also work for helping the impoverished. No, we are in no way associated with FTII. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion on a subject that not only is catching the rounds, but also is indicating towards a rotten political system that must be changed. So who is Gajendra Chauhan anyway?

Well, he is the actor who essayed the role of Yudhishthir in Mahabharta by legendary B R Chopra. Did you observe how I used the adjective legendary for B R Chopra and not for Gajendra Chauhan, who has recently been appointed as the chief of the Film and Television Institute of India. He did a fine job in Mahabharata, but that sadly isn’t enough to head an institute that has produced talents like Naseeruddin Shah, Raj Kumar Hirani, Anupam Kher, Om Puri and many such stalwarts. FTII in fact suggested a few names like Amitabh Bachan, Anupam Kher and Aamir Khan to the government. But perhaps Chauhan’s one paragraph CV was way stronger to be competed against.

Relief India Trust simply wants to say one thing to the government, give FTII what it deserves, not what is better for you. Such talent needs to be guided by a right chief.

Last modified: November 18, 2015

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Relief India Trust supports FTII strike

  1. Aayush Rawat says:

    Relief India Trust is India’s renowned and famous NGO. They are working very hard for poor and under privileged children.

  2. Raj Verma says:

    Why Gajendra Chauhan became a so controversial person…

  3. Saarika Patel says:

    A persons merit should be judged on the quality of his work while in office. to judge him on the basis of his political sympathies is not democratic.
    Everyone has a fundamental right to be considered

  4. Bhavya Jain says:

    The best part, the world knows about this. I came to know of this incident from a friend in the UAE. LOL.

  5. Prince Vaibhav says:

    Don’t think what the students are asking for is illogical, don’t think they are asking for the moon. They are just asking for a fair chance, a fair opportunity, correct faculty, correct syllabus.

    1. Ajay Bora says:

      I agree with you @Prince Vaibhav. Student’s demand for fair opportunity and correct faculty is genuine. They should of course get what they demanded.

  6. Shefali Arora says:

    FTII needs to be in safe hands.Students need somebody who they can trust.

  7. Himanshu Chopra says:

    Student are the future of our nation. What they are demanding is genuine and should be fulfilled. Even RIT, a well knowed NGO is with FTII strike.

  8. Shreya says:

    I’m also a student. I deserve good faculty, good infrastructure. Its my right to get all facilities for which i have paid. I stand in favor of this strike!!!

  9. Tanya Thakur says:

    Guys, I know people who are associated with this NGO and they all have words of praise. Not only Relief India Trust provides medical help to underprivileged kids, but also provides them with education and a dignified life. Education is the single most potent factor that can help people make lives better. These kids will be representing India in a few years…we must care for them right now. They need us as much as we need them. RIT has been keeping all its workings transparent and true to the purpose. The world needs more NGOs like these.

  10. Sarita Tripathi says:

    Couldn’t the government think of a better person to head FTII? Oh come on…are you kidding me??? Gajendra Chauhan??? Whatever happened to likes of Shyam Benegal, VInod Khanna, Girish Karnad?? Gajendra is in no way talented enough to head an institute which gave us great artists like Shabana Azmi, Satish Kaushik, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah..the list goes on and on and on. Students are not dedicating important years of their life just so that they study under the aegis of some not so famous actor. I am glad this NGO Relief India Trust is voicing their opinion about this issue. This is again something which will impact the society in some way or the other…good artists always make this place better.

    1. Merry_Phillips says:

      Government should not bow down to the demand of the students of the #ftii . Let them continue their strike..— merry phillips (@Merry0208) September 17, 2015

    2. Merry_Phillips says:

      Government should not bow down to the demand of the students of the #ftii . Let them continue their strike..— merry phillips (@Merry0208) September 17, 2015

    3. Shreya Saha says:

      Government should not bow down to the demand of the students of the #ftii . Let them continue their strike..— merry phillips (@Merry0208) September 17, 2015

    4. Joe Anderson says:

      This exposes the politics of students . How is I & B Sect more recognized figure in Film Industry than Gajendra Chauhan ! Govt should reject the demand and close this Leftist boondoggle !

      1. Hema Narang says:

        The strike is supported by opposition, see the banners of students carrying AISA/NSUI, no one is there from ABVP why? You rightly said, close the institute and replace it by IT park, it will earn foreign exchange.There are hundred of enterprenuers in Pune who will find difficult to get space to start venture.

    5. Sanna Verma says:

      (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

      Let the govt be stub urn and not to healed to the student. Their primary job is to study and not to dictate who should…Posted by Sanna Verma on Thursday, October 8, 2015

  11. Swastik Thakur says:

    Why is Gajendra Chauhan the chairman of Film and Television Institute of India? YEH HAI RAAZ PICHLE JANAM KA! Because there is no freaking way this ‘Yudhishthir’ is capable of leading an institute as reputed as FTII. Simple argument is that he lacks talent. Look at the career of other FTII directors and then compare that with Gajendra’s filmography. The difference is pretty discernible. I cannot fathom why this man! It is as if the government is hell bent of tarnishing this institute. We must not forget FTII is one of those few institutes where actual talent is brewed. FTII deserves a better chairman.

    1. صنعاء بلادي says:

      Maoists and sick sickularists should stop fomenting trouble by misguiding students and holding institutions to ransom. Mr Chauhan must have been selected through correct process. Students are protrsting at instigation of these people.

    2. sayama shreya says:

      BJP & Allies must work unitedly to fight against CHAUKRI of Nitish-Lalu-Kejri-Rahul to stop return of Lalu-Raj. Nothing is more important than development of Bihar and India.!

    3. hema narang says:

      I extend my wishes to FTII students,hope a positive solution comes out of their meet with Govt: Gajendra Chauhan— ANI (@ANI_news) October 13, 2015

    4. Shreya Gulati says:

      I extend my wishes to FTII students,hope a positive solution comes out of their meet with Govt: Gajendra Chauhan

    5. Amit Jha says:

      Pune film institute students meet Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore— NDTV (@ndtv) October 20, 2015

    6. Kiran Bala says:

      @htTweets— Yogesh Joshi (@ymjoshi) October 29, 2015

    7. Shreya Saha says:

      If @OfficeOfRG is a “Young” Leader, then we have to concede that this fellow is a student

    8. priyakohli says:

      Bad… Very bad it is!! Cmon @Ra_THORe Sir, please understand and settle this hue and cry by #FTII students— Kailash Pandey (@kailashpandey) November 5, 2015

  12. Shreya Saha says:

    Why should Govt run a Film and TV institute #ftii ?— Shreya Saha (@ShreyaSaha8) September 17, 2015

    1. arora says:

      The government is not interested in elevating the status of Indian education rather they are more interested in saffronising the education . we are just fed up with listening india to be one of the largest economy ,where do we stand infront of global stage ,ofcourse nowhere .we dont have a single university ranked under top 200 except just two iit delhi and iis banglore.our railway condition is just pathetic .we are the world capital of child marriage ,child labour,infanticide .but our govt is not keen to solve this problem rather more interested in making india a hindu rashtra ,the prospering rashtra .its not gonna happen but whats gonna happen is that we are pushing ourselves in the fire of communalism .

    2. Sara Sharma says:

      Poor Students dont have authority to choose thier chairman so BJP govt trying fill in BJP leaders in all eductional institute to propagate BJP agenda… its such a cheap politics from BJP..

  13. Shubh Dhiman says:

    shut down the institute, let the students who have taken mayhem of Opposition parties,in stalling a drama suffer and their career be finished.

  14. Rozovelt Linja says:

    These are not the kind of students who joined the institute to learn something. I can guarantee that many of them are not students as well. Wasting time and money of those who really wants to learn there

  15. Shruti Arora says:

    The government should just close the institute. This will get rid of the director and will also punish students for striking. The FTTI is not an institution of national importance in any case.

  16. sayama shreya says:

    It has reached a stalemate. Neither the government is taking any wise decision by replacing Gajendra nor are the students giving up on their basic demands. And in fact, why should the students give up in the first place? All they want is a better teacher to guide them. The students have given up on main stream careers to follow their dreams. The least this government can do for them is to instate a talented chairman. Gajendra Chauhan isn’t talented enough to even crack the entrance for FTII…leave alone being the chairman…damn this is depressing! Talent ki value he nahi hai.

  17. Charu Verma says:

    Around 80 employees have been sacked by FTII for no reason whatsoever. All these people no more have a job. Can you imagine how they would have to fend for their lives? Or will Gajendra help these people making a living? This is outrageous. Wen the government cannot prove a point, they resort to such cheap tactics?? All these sacked employees have been working loyally for FTII but this is what they get in return. They are being made the scapegoats. Shameful. Absolutely Shameful and inhumane! This is so much bigger than we all could imagine. Just to make one talentless actor a chairman, government has been resorting to any level. Disgusting!

  18. Shika Shna says:

    The best way is to follow the late Mr Narasimha Rao policy to keep quiet and allow the things to get sorted out automatically. Does any one bother about FTII? The congress and the left are creating the problem otherwise who has time to think on these trivial matters. Jai Hind.

  19. Akhil verma says:

    GAJENDRA CHOUHAN should have stepped down with his own for not waiting every one to slam him. Step down at least now from #ftii.— Akhil verma (@Akhil0014563) September 29, 2015

  20. Akhil verma says:

    GAJENDRA CHOUHAN should have stepped down with his own for not waiting every one to slam him. Step down from #ftii at least now .— Akhil verma (@Akhil0014563) September 29, 2015

    1. Shahina Sen says:

      how come this people are going to become good professional in the film industry, if they start saying change x or y or z. Tomorrow they will say, change producer otherwise they will not continue the project. And they will demand luxuries location to make film. they will demand luxuries suit otherwise they won’t proceed! and goes on….

    2. Shreya Saha says:

      I appeal @DibakarBanerjee to NOT to release his upcoming film 'Titli' in India, in order to support #FTII students. Bharat Mata ki Jai.— Satish Shah (@InduSarabhai) October 28, 2015

    3. Rishab Gulati says:

      Actor Satish Shah & film-critic & columnist Bhawana Somaaya appointed as members of FTII Society

  21. sayama shreya says:

    I have been noticing for many year about subramanian swamy’s desperation for attention. He talk some nonsense to create controversy so that he will come in limelight. He got a sick mind and the media should just ignore his intension of cheap publicity. Very cheap.

    1. Charu Verma says:

      Sick are people like yourself who are not bothered by the anti-Hindu anti-India activities by the leftist sick-ulars in India … 68 years of utter incompetence and corruption … !!

    2. Bhuvan Gulati says:

      Let us congratulate Kher and Madhukar. They have destructed anti Hindus in Bollywood— Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) November 7, 2015

    3. Bharat Bhardwaj says:

      स्वामी सठिया गया । स्वामी सठिया गया । स्वामी सठिया गया । sounds like बबली बदनाम है no? 2nd day in row. #subramanium swamy loosing it.

  22. ankur says:

    surfing on net I came to know that this trust is also supporting FTII’s
    strike. I am the student of FTII. On behalf of all the students..thanks to
    RIT and their full team for supporting the strike. Guys you are doing a good

  23. Shreya Saha says:

    The issue could have been resolved easily,make gujju the great minister and put some one else as head of the institution #ftii.— Shreya Saha (@ShreyaSaha8) October 8, 2015

  24. Joe Anderson says:

    All government appointments have a political element.

    The highly subsidised students are behaving as if they own the institution and the world.

    Time for the rod.

    Cancel the enrolments of all protesters and end their cinematic careers.

    Ensure future students will be well disciplined.

    Politics and study do not mix.

  25. Tanvi Dhayni says:

    Who is fooling whom? Students are not likely to give up their demands of removing Gajendra Chauhan and Govt. is not likely to remove him. In such case to talk about infrastructure improvement, blueprint of ideas etc. is for just keeping hopes alive.

  26. yamini khan says:

    एक #RTI से खुलासा हुआ है कि #FTII के नवनियुक्त चेयरमैन के अपॉइंटमेंट की दो तारीखें हैं…— Navbharat Times (@NavbharatTimes) October 12, 2015

  27. Saryu Gulati says:

    #FTII : Secy I & B Sunil Arora today held a meeting with students of FTII @ Films Division, Mumbai@pibmumbai— PIB India (@PIB_India) October 7, 2015

  28. Sunaina Gupta says:

    A positive solution? You should quit! Let someone worthy like @AnupamPkher or @SirPareshRawal give #FTII dignity.— VISHAL DADLANI (@VishalDadlani) October 13, 2015

  29. rinku gupta says:

    I have been a part of Relief India Trust from last 3 years. It feels great when I tell people that I am connected with them. Seriously they are doing a great job for poor people. I am glad to know that this time you are also supporting FTII’s strike. Thanx to take a stand for what is right.

  30. Gulshan Kathuria says:

    Watch: The latest Pepsi TV ad takes a dig at #FTII protests and it’s not at all cool— Firstpost (@firstpost) 15 oktober 2015

    1. Bhaskar Gupta says:

      It looks like a real student of FTII mocks the Uncles who had ragged him and still students at FTII – Eternal students from elementary education to adult education – but never completed the course.

    2. Fatima Khan says:

      Its cool, why not. with many overstaying drunkards and drug-addicts in its ranks ftii students want to bull walk into management issues instead of focussing on education

  31. Ramya Das says:

    Actor Asrani plays as Narad and #FTII chairman Gajendra Chauhan plays as Shiv during Ramlila at Red Fort IN DELHI .

  32. jatin kumar says:

    Now I cant see the career of FTII’s students. Glad to know that reknown NGOs like
    relief india trust is also supporting this strike. Taking a stand against this terrible cause is indeed an praiseworthy matter. Thanks for your praising words to FTII’s strike.

  33. Malvika Gurnani says:

    While the writers have stood up and protested, the first to light a spark were the students of #FTII. No end to their strike— Sidharth Bhatia (@bombaywallah) October 21, 2015

  34. Aakash Bhutani says:

    #FTII students making documentaries on struggle against government’s ‘saffron appointments…

  35. swastik kapoor says:

    #FTII students meet #Rathore again but no solution as yet, am I feeling it or has the delay desensitized to the issue? Tragic!

  36. Shreya Gulati says:

    Filmmakers return National Award in support of FTII students

    1. Swastik Thakur says:

      Very much expected move. Modi haters are out in open again. I would appreciate if congress takes direct approach and ask all MP’s to resign in protest. If re-election is held today, congress will get direct answer from people.

      Students blink, #FTII strike ends. Good time for the govt to flush out those taking decades to finish projects, wasting taxpayers' money— Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) October 28, 2015

  37. Swastik Thakur says:

    #FTII reloaded: After writers, filmmakers return their national awards #FilmmakersAfterWriters— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) October 28, 2015

  38. satish says:

    I am a student, if i do not like my teacher i do not attend his/her class, however i do not have right to select my principal, principal is selected by management/goverment using a defined process if violate this process then any citizen can go court and get other person chosen, can FTII student select their principal ? If they feel process is violated why not go to court ?
    If govt listens to this student then a new trend will come up an election for principal will be conducted in all premier institute …r we heading in right direction..i think govt did the right thing by sticking to their selection.
    Now if principal is violating/abusing his position then students had right to protest/disagree after all we are democracy…why few awardees returning their awards…why after such a long protest why not on day 1…did any one asked them to do so ?

  39. Shreya Gulati says:

    I am on the side of the students in #FTII controversy. Government should listen to what students feel: #SRKToNDTV— NDTV (@ndtv) November 2, 2015

    1. sayama shreya says:

      FTII students completely on the right side says shahrukh. Somebody has the guts to call a spade a spade unlike his ‘big’ co-stars !

  40. varun sharma says:

    I don’t think that he deserves to be the chief of film and television institute in india. There are so many talented people industry like amitabh bachchan and om puri whose acting is outstanding. They should be given this opportunity first.

  41. Shreya says:

    AnupamPkher talks on #FTII row & how there are other ways to voice protest

  42. hemant chauhan says:

    what went wrong with our government authorities that they took this decision. Me
    and my friends are totally in support of this strike.

  43. Ritu RAna says:

    HM says: will leave all work 2 talk to artists. Sir, we will be happy if you use your seniority 2 get #FTII solved!

  44. ritesh jain says:

    I am associated with releif india trust from last 3 years. Glad to know that RIT is supporting this FTII strike. I could not find the reason behind why the government selected gajendra chauhan for this designation.

  45. rashmi chauhan says:

    Students have paid to study in the FTII and they only have the full right to decide
    the chief of FTII. I think the decision should be left to its student that who is better for them to head this institute.

    1. Swastik Thakur says:

      #FTII students returning their degrees and diplomas in protest. This is dissent against tyranny. This is the India of Gandhi and Patel.— Rana Ayyub (@RanaAyyub) November 5, 2015

    2. Shika Shna says:

      The reason I returned my award was to direct Govt & people attention towards #FTII issue: Dibakar Banerjee

  46. Shika Shna says:

    All are invited for the event. #FTII— Akhil Bharathan (@akhil_bharathan) November 7, 2015

  47. Shika Shna says:

    Now this is a load of crap!!
    CBFC cheif Pahlaj Nihalani plans film to show FTII students as Anti Nationals.

    1. Rishab Gulati says:

      Poor Pahlaj Nihalani. His sycophantic film made Modi a laughing stock. His smear film will only help #FTII cause!— Kavita Krishnan (@kavita_krishnan) November 17, 2015

      1. Saryu Gulati says:

        He should resign as CBFC cheif.

    2. Rajat Chawla says:

      BJP Govt in Goa harassing protesting FTII students in Goa using Police machinery…

      1. Prerna Sharma says:

        Govt has remained adamant on many issues, like say rising intolerance,majority of people have raised their concern but Leaders of ruling political party do not agree with what majority speaks out. Similarly it is matter of concern that Ministry of Information & Broad casting has allowed Students agitation for a so long time. Govt runs on the strength of public money , Democratic govt has to consider public voice.

  48. Asthar K says:

    They are scams and fraudsters and never ever donate them. In fact AIIMS hospital itself have
    given a warning against them.

    I can provide you, scanned images of RTI reply officially provided by AIIMS have been
    uploaded. [Find attached images below.]

    In the RTI reply AIIMS have clearly mentioned that AIIMS has no association with these NGOs viz.
    complaints have already been received from various places that these three
    NGOs are involved in illegally collecting money for poor patients admitted
    at AIIMS. AIIMS have advised not to donate to these NGOs.

    So i don’t think any more proof is required to prove that these NGOs are frauds.If you still don’t believe
    what’s been told in the RTI reply, you can verify it yourself by mailing
    Mr. BR Shekhar (who has given the reply) at or
    contacting them directly at 01126594242

    AIIMS have a Medical social welfare unit which is been formed to help the poor patients admitted
    AIIMS. The list of NGOs associated with AIIMS are provided here in this

    If you are keen at donating poor who are admitted at AIIMS you may contact any of the official NGOs and not
    these frauds.

    AIIMS have specifically mentioned how the mode of donation to AIIMS should be . Read it from here.

    Read RTI reply below

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