Rummy: From physical’s striving past to digitization’s thriving present

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Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Card games have always been my weakness, especially Rummy and Online Rummy is just a cherry on the top. The knight inside me gets curious whenever the cards are dealt. People often ask me if am an addict to this bad habit, which shocks me that why people have this delusion about such an art? It certainly went through legal considerations but now the skillful game has been declared legal by the Supreme Court as well. Then what’s taking these people so long to accept the fact that it’s not the other way round?

When a District Court in Delhi declared all kinds of skill and chance-based games illegal that involve cash in it, the businessmen, whose livelihood dependent on these businesses as they own them, knocked the doors of huge judicial authorities than the capital’s District Court. The Court also tried to draw some kind of artificial distinction between games of skills, be it in physical or online form. Even advertising such web portals were considered illegal.

This decision highly affected online gaming sites and their business. Even the fans of Online Rummy, poker, bridge and other sorts of card games were confused whether to proceed with their hobby of interest or put a halt on it; including me. When the case of Mahalakshmi Cultural Association reached the Supreme Court, then some hopes were raised with the number of supporters who came forward to make sure that justice is served.

Last year’s independence eve was no less than a boon for online gaming websites when the Supreme Court passed the verdict in their favour calling online Rummy, online Poker and other card games available on the internet, as the games that require certain skill-set than the games dependent on mere luck. A wave of joy and satisfaction ran through the supporters and online gaming experience providers and after almost half a decade, they all took a sigh of relief.

I was happy and free from the confusion that day and registered on major online gaming sites immediately after the verdict. It’s like getting your loved one back after a very long time, full of patience and hopes. Cannot get over it!

Last modified: February 18, 2016

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