Sahara Q Shops Will be Beneficial for Sahara India Pariwar along with Numerous People

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The Head of Sahara India Pariwar, Subrata Roy is hopeful for its FMCG retail arm, Q Shop that it will cover a huge part of FMCG market in coming 4 years and grow into Rs 12,000 crore business by that time. Subrata Roy also mentioned that Q Shops will contribute a huge part in Sahara India Pariwar’s overall revenue.

Sahara India Pariwar launched Sahara Q Shops last year and today it operates more than 1,000 shops in 425 small and big cities. Sahara is planning to open 10,000 more shops by the end of Q4 FY14 along with 500 mobile shops.

While telling about Sahara India Parwar’s expansion plans regarding Sahara Q shops, Subrata Roy told a concerned media authority that the first few months were about testing the response of the products and consumer preferences. With just 1,000 shops Sahara is selling close to Rs 70 crore worth of FMCG and food products each month. Now Sahara has an ambitious roll out plan and will open 10,000 shops by the end of March 2014. Many of its existing employees and agents will also promote Q Shop and may also become its franchisee partners.

Subrata Roy also mentioned that Sahara Q products would also be available through 800+ distributors and 1.5 lakh Kirana shops across India.

There is a lack of organised FMCG stores in India and Sahara India Pariwar is seizing that opportunity via Sahara Q shops. Sahara gave contracts of manufacturing these FMCG products to up to 200 manufacturers across the Nation which is being called a conscious decision by Subrata Roy to provide an opportunity to small and medium manufacturers, to grow their business with Sahara Q Shops. Subrata Roy will also cater the employment needs of 27,000 people by recruiting them as executives of the FMCG.

Last modified: January 7, 2016

4 Responses to :
Sahara Q Shops Will be Beneficial for Sahara India Pariwar along with Numerous People

  1. Avatar Vishven says:

    The concept of Q shops by Sahara seemed not so good to me beginning, but the popularity and response they got from people in the vicinity, changed my perception, and i personally experienced it is best.

  2. Avatar richa says:

    When first Q shop opened in my area, I was quiet excited to shop from there as I came to know that they keep everything. So I was the first customer when the shop opened.

  3. Avatar Rahul says:

    Q shops are unique, very unique. And their products are also nice. I mean it is quite a risk on our part to give a try to something new, but Sahara is a brand, which can be relied upon.

  4. Avatar Sneha says:

    I have shopped from there; they have everything that we need. Means every little thing. It’s like Sahara’s own brand on grocery and every minute thing required by individuals in daily life.

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