Sharda University stresses on the need to have ‘globalized education’

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It is an irrefutable fact that the current eon has its roots embedded in the concept of globalization. Advancement in technology and science has constricted us to a belvedere where things are more approachable than ever. In a matter of a few seconds we are able to communicate with a person at the other nook of the world. The world has never been so connected. Ripple effects of some event in some part of the world can be so easily felt in others; such is the extent to which the cultures and practices have become linked. The world for youngsters has become as an open land of opportunities. But in order for this to transpire to a wider number of students, the onus lies on the educationists and academicians to incorporate a more global dimension to the existing education, says a senior lecturer of Sharda University Noida.
She further suggests that the education system calls for a rehashing, right from administration to its functioning. She advocates that in such a global world, it is imperative to impart education that matches international set standards. Also, there is a need to provide students with global learning experience. In this wake, exchange programs should be set up with various prestigious international universities.
Over the past few years, various partnerships have been set up between Indian and foreign universities. But this needs to be expedited. Also, we need to improve our existing system by introducing courses that fit international jargon and seem relevant. Education is the best way to exchange ideas while propagating the existing ones, remarked a professor of Sharda University.

Last modified: July 12, 2016

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Sharda University stresses on the need to have ‘globalized education’

  1. Avatar Kiran yadav says:

    Education is the best way to exchange ideas while propagating the existing ones this is correctly remarked by the professor of the Sharda university.And Sharda university is one of the university that can helps students in doing so.One of the top universities that believe in education and not in money.

  2. Avatar Himanshu kumar says:

    The need of global education is very much required as it will enhance the prospect of education and will help students to gain more knowledge and keep themselves updated.This can simply be done by introducing various international courses and sharda university is trying their best to do so.One of the best university and love to be associated with it.

  3. Avatar Sunder Kumar says:

    This article rightly stated that due to advancement of technology we can communicate with anyone around the world.Similarly education system should be rehashed right from the administration to its functioning.Also the global learning can prove to be fruitful to the students.

  4. Avatar Ranveer singh says:

    Nice,informative article that basically talks about the globalized concept of education,which I think is important and can prove to be beneficial.

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