Sharda University Students Speak About Zuckerberg’s Visit

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Impact of Zuckerberg’s visit to India: Sharda University students speaking their minds outMark Zuckerberg’s visit to India was a talk of the town since he planned to explore the East till the time he landed back in his country. His excursion seemed more like a business trip to many, but the man raised so many hopes and expectations in Indian minds and hearts along with all the developing Nations.

Where people are assuming his visit as an investment planning to his own business to grow it further by extending its boundaries, many optimistic people and entities are looking at it as an opportunity for India to outshine rest of the world. Sharda University is one of those entities who believe in a bright and better India. If Zuckerberg is calling it his moral responsibility to connect the world with the help of internet, Sharda University is doing it by enrolling global citizens and aspirants all across India in more than 100 courses.

Zuckerberg’s visit left Sharda University with high hopes that India has more chances of developing if it gets connected with the world via Facebook. Local businessmen have more opportunities to showcase their talents by promoting their business on Facebook with the help of Facebook Adverts.

Intellectual and aware enthusiasts of Sharda University also highlighted that India is second revenue generator for Facebook after the USA, which is a step forward for India to mark its presence across the globe if Facebook is well utilized in requisite manner. It will not only benefit the service provider but also work in favor of those at receiving end.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook status during his Indian Visit, ‘Indian Government’s effort to connect rural communities to the internet and give people access to more services online’, was found inspirational by Sharda university students. It certainly promises a bright and better future to India.

Sharda University not only understands the core importance of the internet and its usage but also implement the same in its acts and curriculum. Its perfect example is Sharda Noida Campus, which is Wi-Fi equipped. It is just-a-thought of Sharda University student’s, if education sector is getting affected with the internet so much, what all sectors will go through after adopting it, is beyond imagination.

Last modified: December 14, 2015

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Sharda University Students Speak About Zuckerberg’s Visit

  1. Avatar manmeet says:

    Being a student of Sharda University , I can say that it is better than any other private university because its curriculum is up to date with the industry standards . Everything is online and well managed. Moreover , it offers good opportunity to interact with knowledgeable people from prestigious institute of India. It offers good exposure to various co curricular activities and much more.

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