Shop in Malaysia sells IS merchandise

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Kuala Lumpur, Jan 9 (IANS) A shop in Malaysia’s Bandar Baru Bangi town, near capital Kuala Lumpur, has been found selling militant merchandise, media reported Friday.

The shop is filled with militant-themed flags, T-shirts and caps, and also sells clothes bearing the symbols of militant groups, especially the Islamic State (IS) and the Taliban.
“I am doing this for Allah and if I am doing it for him, I shouldn’t be afraid,” the Malaysian Star quoted the shopkeeper, who declined to be named, as saying.
He appears to be a young Malaysian in his 20s.
The shop, which has been operating for three months, seems to be a souvenir hub as militants and their supporters would go there to equip themselves with the latest IS paraphernalia.
IS T-shirts, for example, are selling for 59 Malaysian ringgits ($0.28).
Some of the T-shirts were emblazoned with phrases such as “Mujahideen cyberspace” and “We declare war against the Zionists”.
Stickers with IS and Taliban logos are going for five to 10 Malaysian ringgits each.
Explaining the high prices, the storekeeper, who claimed to be from Sabah, said the items were made in and imported from Indonesia.
“There is a high demand for the merchandise and business is picking up since the store opened three months ago,” he said.
The shopkeeper said that the shop was not funded by any organisation and that it was a family business.
An online store, he said, was also available for people who are not able to come to Bangi.
He claimed that the store, which also sells other ordinary Muslim apparel, was the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Last modified: January 9, 2015