Sri Lal Mahal Group MD, Prem Garg: Bureaucracy needs to be limited for trade to flourish

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Having carved a niche for itself in the global rice market, Sri Lal Mahal Group is a name that requires no introduction. If there is one person that could be credited for taking the group to new heights, it would be the Chairman and Managing Director of Sri Lal Mahal Group, Prem Garg. Prem Garg has brought great success to Sri Lal Mahal Group. Under his aegis, the Group expanded its export wing. Currently, it exports rice to over 44 countries around the world, and hold the record for shipping 16 Basals of 20,000 tons each.

Prem Garg’s success and opinions about rice trade in India were covered by the Hindi business daily Vyapar Bharati. In the interview, Garg said that the government should limit bureaucracy in order to help trade flourish. He also said that the government should refrain from making policies that cause unnecessary trouble to business-runners. “There is a need to create a safe and unrestricted environment for businesspersons. Establishing a helpline could be a great step in this direction. This will help enterprising people to keep working in an unhindered flow. The way Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal put a stop to raids on businesses during Diwali was an appreciable action,” said the Sri Lal Mahal Group MD.

Prem Garg has an unbiased view about the Indian politics. Upon being asked what he thinks of PM Modi, he replied, “Since I belong to business sector, I won’t make any comment on his (Modi’s) political decisions. However, I would like to praise him for the way he’s going to different nations in order to establish better diplomatic relationship with them. I have no doubt about the success of his mission.”

About GST, the current hot topic of debate among the business circles, the Sri Lal Mahal Group Chairman opines that the percentage of tax levied upon items of common use should be decreased. “A balance could be created by in turn increasing the tax levied upon luxury items. This will help enhancing the revenue, along with providing the common people a respite,” said Prem Garg during the interview. On the prospective growth of the Indian rice market with respect to global demand, Garg said, “The future of the Indian rice market depends upon the demand posed by Iran. The increase in rice demand by Iran would be a determining factor for the growth of rice market in future. Iran consumes about 20 lakh tons of rice each year, and this makes the country and important influencer in the market.”

Talking about China still importing rice from India, the Sri Lal Mahal Group MD said, “China leads the world rice consumption charts as well as rice production charts. This balance between China’s internal rice produce and consumption makes it difficult to determine whether the Indian rice market would be benefited from China importing our rice.”

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Last modified: December 6, 2018

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