‘Sustainable Development- The Need of the Hour’: Dr Sudhir Angur

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With the deteriorating conditions of world and the exploitation of resources, there arises a dire need for appropriate measures to ensure the judicious use of resources and make good economic choices. It becomes important to make sure that the development is taking place not at the cost of earth’s natural resources. The world has enough resources to meet everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed. The natural resources are limited but the demand for them is unlimited, resulting in their exploitation and overuse. The social, economic and environmental progress should made not by exploiting the natural resources of earth.

According to Dr Sudhir Angur, the honorable chancellor of Alliance University, Keeping in mind the prevailing economic crises and deteriorating environmental conditions, the concept of ‘Sustainable development’ becomes the need of the hour. The concept of sustainable development was well presented in 1987 by the World Commission on Environment and Development as the “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.” The prevailing ill practices like exploitation of natural resources, air pollution, water pollution, use of pesticides have an adverse effect on the quality of life at present, as well as the future generations.

Dr Sudhir Angur further adds that the economic choices made at present directly affect the future generations. Therefore there arises a need for adopting sustainable development practices like reducing the use of non-renewable resources, establishing solar plants and wind mills, ensuring sustainable construction, introducing chemical free practices in agriculture and farming, increasing productivity using effective ways like crop rotation, conserving water and other natural resources.


Last modified: January 17, 2018

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‘Sustainable Development- The Need of the Hour’: Dr Sudhir Angur

  1. Avatar gauri says:

    Dr. Madhukar Angur’s thoughts are very
    helpful for the society, It Enlightens that we should utilize the resources
    in best possible manner.. Should maintain the importance of our environment.

  2. Avatar tanya says:

    serious efforts are been taken to broaden field of renewable and sustainable energy.

  3. Avatar shashank says:

    In my opinion each and every individual should understand the target and purpose of sustainable development.It is the issue to be dealt very seriously.

  4. Avatar reema madan says:

    Dr Madhukar Angur’s concern about sustainable development is thoughtful. Every body should realise the importance of nature and its resources.

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