Teaching in China opens up a new world for foreign teachers across the globe

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China is a big country, with a large population and a diverse culture. It is developing very fast and the demand for local as well as foreign talent is also growing quickly. There has been a shift in focus pertaining to the education standards of China. The local institutes are laying emphasis on teaching English language, which is increasing the demand for foreign teachers.

A number of foreign teachers are coming to China through recruitment agencies like Haida HR to teach in the local institute. These recruitment companies act as a facilitator for the aspirants and educational institutes of the country. The teachers not only earn well but also get to enjoy the adventurous life of China. Life in this amazing part of the world is not only about working hard and gaining international experience, but it is about going through a number of entertainment hubs.

The culture, food and natural beauty of China can be rarely found in any other part of the world. It can be fascinating and intimidating at the same time. The country has all the ingredients to make it one of the most sought-after destinations for working professionals, and recruitment companies like HaidaHR China are acting as responsible facilitators to bring the international talent to the fore. The eligibility criteria are very simple. The teaching opportunities are available for:

• Graduates looking for their first job
• Experienced teachers looking for a change
• Non-degree holders looking to gain a qualification (Yes, you can teach English in China — no degree needed)
• Non-native English speakers with good English skills looking for more language practice
• Professionals from other fields looking for a career change
• Newly-qualified teachers or TEFL holders
• High-school graduates looking for a Gap Year experience

There is hardly any language barrier for teachers, who are given guidance on the course’s syllabus. They are well-placed to impact the lives of students by expressing their style and creativity. The teachers participate in a non-intensive online teacher training program conducted by Haida HR, which is one of the most trusted recruitment companies in China. The trainers provide every bit of support to the teachers throughout an academic year.

Apart from this, the company is authorized to teach the Chinese government’s only recognized TEFL course. It trains and certifies all of its teachers, equipping them with the skills and experience needed to teach confidently in any education setting. Through its skill development, training, and curricular resources, the company provides career advancement opportunities for teachers of any background.

If you are looking for a full-time teaching opportunity, here is you what you need to have:
• A bachelor’s degree
• TEFL certification
• Two years of work experience in any field
• Age: 24-55
• To be a native English speaker

Apart from this, teaching in China is more than just working and earning. It is about the frequent trips, which can be enjoyed in the best possible way. The trekking experience and fishing, which is very popular in some of the parts of the country. Furthermore, if you have enrolled through Haida HR, you are promised the best follow up services as soon as you land in China.

Last modified: April 19, 2018

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