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Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under control. The statement holds true, both literally and metaphorically. Posture─ referring to the physical one at the moment ─is basically the position in which your body rests when you are standing, sitting, or lying down. Orthopedics from MGS Hospital strongly believe that maintaining correct posture is extremely important for a healthy, active life.

These experts also throw light on the general tendency of people to stand, sit or lie down in unnatural positions for extended periods. This unhealthy practice can be detrimental to the body’s alignment and must be immediately stopped.

The ‘posture correction camp’ curated by MGS Hospital, the best hospital in Punjabi Bagh was thus, a commendable attempt to make the society aware about how improper posture can lead to crookedness, headaches, neck pain and spinal issues. Organised earlier this week in Delhi, the event was graced by a panel of renowned bone and joint specialists, physiotherapists, fitness experts, and nutritionists from MGS Hospital.


While explaining the significance of posture correction, a senior orthopaedic surgeon among the panel said, “A properly aligned posture would mean that the stress is equally distributed on to the right muscles and ligaments. This will, in turn, keep a check on joint wear and tear. Overall, it significantly reduces joint discomfort and keeps degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis at bay.”


Health experts at the campalso briefed the gathering on the most common causes of poor posture. According to them, it is just not the wrong postural habit that can contribute to structural imbalances. In fact, developmental diseases, untreated muscle spasms, respiratory conditions, excessive weight, and loss of proprioception are also at times responsible for curved spine, carpal tunnel, orjoint stiffness.


Doctors from MGS Hospital also addressed several queries related to bone and joint problems during the camp, and gave quick tips on maintaining a good posture. A simple exercising session towards the end of the event included easy, light drills for correcting a slumping posture.


Remember, a good posture reflects a proper state of mind. Correct yours, before it’s too late!


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Last modified: June 19, 2017

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