MinOmaX by Dr Ashwani Maichand listed among top five hospitals for knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is an important procedure that can save old age from the intense damages of rheumatoid arthritis. According to Dr Ashwani Maichand, arthroplasty is a delicate procedure that needs all of the doctor’s attention. Even after surgery, the patient needs proper exercise, rehabilitation, and medication. You need to choose a hospital that meets the needs economically and qualitatively. Here are the top five hospitals in Delhi that offer the best knee replacement surgery, as listed by a recent survey.


All India Institute of Medical Sciences


All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS) is famous for its healthcare. It’s the reason why tens and thousands of patients from different Indian states come to Delhi for treatment provided by doctors of high calibre. Knee replacement surgery in AIIMS is carried out by an esteemed panel of doctors, such as Dr Ravi Mittal and Dr P P Kotwal.



Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Super-speciality healthcare and wellness programs offered by Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals attract patients from across the world. Arthroplasty in this hospital is a rather comfortable procedure as Apollo Hospitals provide multi-speciality tertiary acute care. Here, the surgery lasts less than an hour.


MinOmaX Knee and Shoulder Clinics

dr ashwani maichand fortis

Under the aegis of Dr Ashwani Maichand, MinOmaX Knee and Shoulder Clinics bring the finest therapeutic, diagnostic, and surgical services under the same roof. Complex orthopedic procedures are done hassle-free here


Indian Spinal Injuries Center

Indian Spinal Injuries Center

Indian Spinal Injuries Center has state-of-the-art facilities to map the damage incurred on joints and bones, primarily in the spinal cord. Well-trained staff and skilled surgeons provide a laid-back arthroplasty experience with excellent post-surgery therapy.


Max Super Speciality Hospital 

max super speciality hospital

As the name suggests, Max Super Speciality Hospital specializes in a number of diagnostics and surgeries. Max Healthcare is considered as a leader in arthroplasty surgeries. They use a computer navigation system to perform the surgeries.


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  • sahiba singh

    my grandma had some problem in her knees. due to old age she found difficulties in walking. we took her to dr ashwani maichand. she is on regular exercise now and there has been some improvement in her.

  • yashika jain

    nice blog

  • kratika jain

    good read!

  • Sophia Seth

    Dr Ashwani Maichand is the best doctor in delhi. he has a clinic called minomax! we went there for my dad’s spine treatement. he has cervical actually. though this has no cure, but the pain can be minimized.. he was able to do that!!!
    my dad has negligible pain now. thanks doctor!!!